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A review of CNN’s “Believer” Vodou episode

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Mambo Sallie Anne Glassman has published a detailed review of the recent Vodou episode of CNN’s “Believer” TV series.


Ayiti Foto Konbit

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Invisible Mirrors

I was made aware of this project to create a refreshingly positive collection of images of Haiti made by young Haitians via a recent article by Alexandra Fuller on the National Geographic website:  ‘Showing Haiti on its Own Terms‘. The article itself gives a very clear “nutshell” overview Haitian history that is unusually free of outrage, sentimentalism or sensationalism. And many of the images are great too!


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Voodoo practitioners mourn the death of leader Max Beauvoir

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“Max Gesner Beauvoir, the “Ati” or supreme leader of voodoo, Haiti’s traditional Afro-Caribbean religion, died Saturday afternoon, aged 79.”
Video posted on the Daily Mail site

The World Of Vodou: Exhibit Brings To Life A Highly-Misunderstood Religion

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I wish I could see this exhibit; it looks wonderful.

“An Outsider at the Crossroads” article by Alley Valkyrie at Wild Hunt

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I highly recommend this article by Alley Valkyrie on The Wild Hunt site. It’s a fascinating account of a white artist moving into a neighborhood heavily populated by Caribbean people as well as a commentary on race relations, privilege and gentrification. Vodou also included.

An Outsider at the Crossroads

Medical Volunteering this August in Cap Hatien, Haiti

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Volunteer Optometric Service to Humanity (VOSH) is an optometric organization in Pennsylvania that is dedicated to eradicating eye disease in Haiti by 2020. They have asked Mambo Vye Zo Komande LaMenfo of Sosyete Du Marche to travel to Haiti with them this August to serve as ambassador and translator.

VOSH PA routinely travels on 4 missions to northern Haiti in the Cap Haitien and Milot area each year. They refer surgical and advanced treatment patients to Hospital Sacré Couer in Milot,  and spearheaded a new clinic which opened in May of 2013 called  Vision Plus Clinique. With so much care needed in Haiti, they are starting to expand into the southern part of Haiti. Later this year, they will be going to Jacmel to begin the work of setting up a clinic there to help people with eye problems and conditions.

Volunteers are expected to pay their own way, which means airfare, hotel and food, as well as part of the in-country transportation costs. Any money collected that is above and beyond her immediate expenses will be donated to VOSH for eyeglasses, contact lenses, medicines and surgical supplies.

You can read more about this mission on Mambo’s blog. If you would like to donate, check out her GoFundMe campaign. There are some nice perks being offered, including a CD of Haitian music, a copy of her book, a reading and a Lave Tet.

An excellent blog post on white saviorism

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I stumbled across this excellent blog post by Alice Backer on white savior complex. A good read for all non-Haitian Vodou folks and other people practicing faiths outside of their culture.