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An excellent article on Esotericism in Vodou by Mambo Vye Zo Komande LaMenfo

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This excellent article by Mambo Pat is similar to what she discussed at the recent Esoteric Book Conference (minus her lovely songs). Enjoy!

Orbs, chakras and walk-ins

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The past two days have been quite interesting for me. Before I tell you about them, I should mention here that I have suspected for quite some time (since around 1978) that I am a walk-in. Now, when someone mentions walk-ins to me, my immediate reaction is to roll up my eyes and brace myself to hear some wild New Agey claims about special missions to save humanity and such. Let me assure you that this is not the case with me, which is why I often never tell people about this belief. I don’t feel that I have any higher mission, at least not any more than anyone else on the planet does. Usually I feel more like, “What the f*ck am I doing here?” But more on this later.

My sculptures are currently in an art show at a local shop, along with the work of Slinky and another artist. The reception was Friday evening. Both my girlfriend Anne and the shop’s owner took photos of all the artists. The shop owner commented that whenever she photographed me, orbs turned up in the pictures.

Personally, I don’t get that excited about orbs in photographs. My own digital camera, a Nikon Coolpix that is several years old now, often captures what looks like an orb but in reality is probably a lens flare due to less-than-ideal camera design. So when the shop owner showed me one of her photos with an orb floating in front of Anne, I didn’t think much about it.

However, I did find it interesting that more orbs appeared in photos taken with Slinky’s camera. I do not know if they are an effect of the light in the store or something more, but someone commented that they could see how spirits would inhabit that store. The owner is a Witch, and the store has a lot of Pagan-oriented merchandise. And last year, the owner told me that one of my sculptures seemed to topple to the floor for no apparent reason. So for me the question of orbs remains open-ended.

I mentioned in my previous post that I had met a new spiritual teacher/mentor, and I was hoping she could help me work through some energy blockage issues. I mentioned this in passing to my friend Angel, and she generously offered to try to help me with the blockages. She spent about three hours working with me (long distance) last night and, although she is aware of my therian and walk-in beliefs, some of her discoveries took both of us by surprise.

At the start of the session, she asked what I wanted her help with, and I explained that I’ve long felt that my energies and connections to the other side were blocked. She told me to relax while she connected to my energies. As she did so, I felt a mild ache in my right arm.

Angel found my energy to be quite charged, “almost electrical in a way.” She said it felt like it crackled as she moved through it, almost like an electrified fence, and connecting with it was like grabbing a charged wire, although not painful. This electricity was forming a sort of barrier that was caging me in. After tracing the problem back to its source, she concluded that my spirit was not meshing with the energy signature of  my body. This collision of the two energies was what caused the electrified barrier.

She was even more surprised that my chakras did not align. At first I was not sure what she meant, but she quickly explained that she could see images of  both my main energy body and my physical body and the chakras did not overlay exactly. Apparently my spirit has a slightly different chakra layout, which we both found very interesting. My solar plexus, crown and third eye chakras were all noticeably higher than they should be, because my spirit body is, in her words, “much larger than your body,” more expansive. She wondered if the solar plexus misalignment caused me stomach problems and I admitted that I did in fact have regular stomach problems (which I refer to jokingly as “cat stomach,” meaning I throw up frequently compared to other healthy people).

Note: This was one of the few instances when my therian and walk-in beliefs have received anything remotely resembling validation, and I admit I felt both grateful and relieved. It’s difficult to go through life wondering on a daily basis whether or not you’re playing with a full deck. I am not sure if the differences in my spirit body are due to being an animal in a former life, or due to being a larger human in another former life.

Although she could not make my chakras align exactly (due to the difference in spirit and physical body sizes), she was able to connect them so they would function better together. As she worked her way up my body, the ache left my arms and they felt light and she noted that the electric crackling had almost stopped. When she got up to my third eye chakra, she told me it had a very different liquid feel to it.

Angel also told me that when she connected my spirit body to my physical body, she saw my eyes glow bright red…not in an alarming way, but more like I could fully see now. She asked me if the red made sense to me. While it doesn’t right now, I expect it might make sense later on, so I am recording it here.

Things were even weirder when she worked on my crown chakra. In Angel’s words: “Most people have one conduit connecting them to the universal energies…you have multiple conduits…I get the sense that in your spirit form and your original made sense and worked..but it does not sync well with your current body…its like you had very different primal type links, each operating in its own way.”

She explained that the multiple conduits could make spiritual reception confusing, and I thought it might be a bit like trying to listen to several radio stations at the same time.

As she proceeded to the final realignment,  she had to improvise (but she loves a good challenge): “Well…its like this…one conduit from your body and multiple from your energy body..I’m trying to figure out the best way to handle this…and keep it intact yet more cohesive…I found the largest and main conduit, and am changing the vibrations of the thinner ones to kind of meld them together into one.”

Angel managed to get my energy running well, which I credit to her experience as an energy worker. She is curious to see how things progress for me now, and commented that “You have the key, now you just have to unlock the door.” Of course, that made me think of Legba.

It will be interesting to see what happens as I work with the new mentor and attend future fets. Stay tuned….

Note: If you’ve found this post interesting, you might enjoy reading Angel’s description of our session: