About this blog (updated November 2016)

About cheshirecatman:

I started this blog as a way to document a new direction in my life. As the title suggests, I am a bit of a hermit. I don’t live in physical isolation; in fact, I live in the largish city of Seattle with my girlfriend, who I will refer to here as Anne. But I am by nature a solitary creature–I require a fair amount of solitude to function optimally and generally do not enjoy many group activities.

I am also a believer in reincarnation, and that one’s soul can be incarnated in bodies other than human ones.

While it is not my intent to include a comprehensive biography here, there are a few things I should include as they will be relevant to the content of this blog. I am what is commonly referred to as middle-aged. I am male, of mixed Asian and Native Canadian heritage. I was raised by a Wiccan mother, and have been Wiccan for most of my life, although I have only dabbled occasionally in spell casting.

Because I suffered from debilitating depression for roughly 20 years, I am something of a late bloomer. I started sculpting around 2004 and now show my work regularly at local venues. In 2008, Legba appeared to me, first during a session with a medium and later in a dream. That was the beginning of a journey I could not have foreseen.

Since I’m not a “people person,” I’ve often had to find creative ways to accomplish tasks or attain information I need. For a time I was uncertain that I would take this path, as I kept hearing that there is no such thing as solitary Vodou, and I did not feel ready to join a group when I knew so little of the religion. But the Lwa have ways of pushing you in the direction you are meant to travel, and in 2009 I met a local mambo through an online group and began participating in services. She introduced me to Mambo Vye Zo Komande la Menfo, and in 2014 I went through Kanzo and became a Hounsi with Sosyete du Marche.

I hope you will find this site interesting, informative, and intriguing. Please note that these are my thoughts, experiences and opinions only, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the larger Vodou community. When possible, information sources will be documented.

19 Responses to “About this blog (updated November 2016)”

  1. hey,

    just wanting to say hi, and encourage you to continue writing. i like what i see here so far.

  2. stone sparrow Says:

    I cam across your website and enjoyed it. I live just outside of Seattle and I would like to get a reading. Would you mind giving me your Mambo’s email or pass my message on to her?
    Thank you very much

  3. Hello! Nice blog, i love the lwa! Ayi bobo!

  4. Hi thanx for visiting my blog! You got a nice honorable mention by Mambo Racine on her facebook:

    That’s cool!

  5. Hey my friend, love your blog. We are similar in a lot of ways, I felt a kin-ship with you almost immediately when I first met you. I wish I had more time to spend online reading and writing, but the life of service is a busy one. Hugs. šŸ™‚

  6. Hi there, came across this blog in a search for ‘Lwa Azaka’. Wanted to thank you for your glimpses into experiences, sounds, tastes, colors, smells, movement and presence of the African Traditions!

  7. cheshirecatman Says:

    Thank you for the feedback, it’s very gratifying to know that others are reading and gaining something from this blog.

  8. Thought I would send you a link to my journal: http://saeaker.tumblr.com/

  9. cheshirecatman Says:

    Cool, I will check it out. Looks interesting.

  10. David Emery Says:

    Hello there! You may not be surprised that I stumbled on your entry about your first Fet Gede, after a little ‘discussion’ (read, much requesting) wth Papa Legba- I have been searching, quite seriously, for Peristyle (actual temple) in the Pacific Northwest for a VERY long time! It seems impossible that I could contact you (or them) in time for the next gatherings, but I am very sincere about locating a temple and the appropriate clergy leading them. I wonder if you would respond to me, privately of course, and discuss it with me? So far, the Lwa have been my guides in this, and although I am a responible pagan clergy in my own right, I am deeply out of my knowledge pools when it comes to this! It’s time for me to look for the right people and join a community now. Apparently it is time for me to be the student, not the teacher!

  11. can you please post more info on lwa bossou? i recently discovered in a reading that he is extremely close to me and i’d like to acknowledge him the right way.

  12. Hey there. Really enjoying your blog. Feeling my way along the Iwa way, and it is nice to have such a lovely resource. I wanted to ask if you have a web site for your art. The pictures you have posted of your work make me want to see more of what you do. Thank you for your time.

  13. I’m wondering what’s the best way to find out about Vodou in Seattle? Is there a Societe here?

  14. Matthew G. Says:

    I recently discovered your blog and want to thank you for your time and effort. You’ve given me a lot of insight regarding the practice of Vodou.

    • cheshirecatman Says:

      Thank you, Matthew, for taking the time to read here. Positive feedback such as yours makes this endeavor very rewarding.

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