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My 2016 so far

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So yes, this site is still active and no, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth. I just got really really busy. And not in a bad way.

What happened was that I returned to work right after the holidays. The big muckety-muck from back east who is president of Company A that owned the west coast company I worked for was visiting. He called a company meeting and told us with exaggerated regret that the company and all our jobs would cease to be by the end of the month. I will say that at least Company A had the decency to wait until after the holidays and to give us severance packages.

My company’s closure wasn’t exactly a shock. Business had been drying up over the past few years, accelerated by the departure of the president of our west coast company, a woman who was not intimidated by the east coast big wigs and was not afraid to advocate for us. After her departure, we went through a series of general managers hired by the dudes back east who did not have the same backbone that she did. Anyhoos, enough of that. I realized I had less than a month to either find another job or live off of the extra money, which I preferred to keep in savings.

I was weirdly non-panicky. Usually I would be neck-deep in anxiety, running all the worst-case scenarios through my mind in an endless stress loop. But no, this time I was calm, even rather lazy when I began my job search. In two weeks, I think I sent out maybe three resumes. And then, for the hell of it, I decided to send off an email to one of our competitors, a company in a neighboring town. It would be a lengthier commute, but I really didn’t even know if they would respond, so didn’t think too much about it.

Well, the GM at the other company responded within a day. And was interested. And, as I found out during the subsequent interview that felt more like a conversation between friends than an interview, someone in their company had recently left and they were in need of someone with  skills similar to mine. And I got offered the job before I even left the building. I think that has happened to me maybe two other times in my life, not counting really crappy production or food service jobs. And each of those times, I ended up staying at the job for a while.

So, all these smooth connections and my lack of worry about any of it has Legba stamped all over it. I went from my last day at old job to first day of new job seamlessly (although in retrospect I probably should have taken a few days off).

The great thing is I love my new job. The not-so-great thing is the longer commute cuts into my time a lot. Hence, my neglect of this blog among other things. I am still trying to figure out how to balance it all.

A couple of other things worth noting:

I had a very nice “dream” recently about visiting with my beloved late cat Puck. We were in an ultra modern house with mostly white decor. My mother was also there, somewhere. I didn’t see her but her presence was very much felt.

Also, my travel plans for the summer got nixed, for reasons beyond anyone’s control. I’d been feeling kind of bummed about that. Then,  one night I had popped over to the psychic John Edward’s website, wondering why I hadn’t received one of his newsletters recently. Yes, I am a fan of his, and he is part of the reason (along with other research and my own experiences) why I am certain that life continues after the death of the body. On a whim, I checked out his tour schedule. He is scheduled for Seattle in the fall.

And I thought about the unspent travel budget, and…voila. Bought two tickets, one for me and one for an as-yet-undecided companion. I don’t usually buy expensive tickets and haven’t been to a concert in years. But I felt okay about spending the money. And then….

Literally about two days later I get a very nice check for some sold artwork for an amount that nearly covered the price of the tickets. I’d say, weird huh? But enough of these things have happened that I just accept them and thank the forces that be. I am not necessarily expecting to get a reading at the show, I just have enjoyed watching him on TV over the years and think it will be interesting to go. And so my journey continues….





“An Outsider at the Crossroads” article by Alley Valkyrie at Wild Hunt

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I highly recommend this article by Alley Valkyrie on The Wild Hunt site. It’s a fascinating account of a white artist moving into a neighborhood heavily populated by Caribbean people as well as a commentary on race relations, privilege and gentrification. Vodou also included.

An Outsider at the Crossroads

Holiday foibles….in which fate and the mysteries conspire to save my ass

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I’ll begin this post by admitting that my memory for dates and names is seriously atrocious. I mix dates up all the time and, unless I write them down or add an e-reminder, all bets are off. I suspect this has something to do with my use of a not-entirely-compatible-with-my-energies body, but it is also likely related to bouts of depression and being busy in a scattered kind of way.

I signed up for a Secret Santa thing at work. I do not personally indulge in much Christmas stuff, but I enjoy the challenge of gift giving and thought it would be fun. This was before I discovered that on the Secret Santa participant list, everyone put down items they want. The person I drew had exactly two things on her list, both gift cards.

When I drew her name all inspiration left me. Buying a gift card is soooo boring! I might as well just hand her cash. And if I give her a gift card, and someone else gives me a gift card, then maybe we should have just kept our money and not exchanged gifts as the outcome would be identical.

Anyway, back onto scheduling. I asked the person organizing it when I needed to have the gift by, and I could have sworn she said the 19th. So of course, me being me, I procrastinate—not entirely out of laziness but because the places on the giftee’s gift card list are not places that are really in my circle of travel. And I ride the bus. So I can’t just run out at lunch and buy a gift card.

Now, complaining is not the best holiday activity in the world, but I do it anyway. This morning I was out in the warehouse complaining to a co-worker how boring it is to buy someone a gift card, and then telling him I thought of a way to make it more interesting by adding the card or cash to some small item or other that I could wrap. Then he remarked that I better hurry and go get something. And that’s when I found out the exchange was TODAY.

Holy crap, memory foibles strike again. In a mild panic, I thought about making a card and putting cash inside, even though it would be tacky. And then I remembered that I had two gifts sitting in my desk drawer in my office—one for another co-worker and one for an ex-boss. The co-worker one could not be gifted to my Secret Santa person, as it was purchased specifically for the co-worker. However, the ex-boss’s gift, some nice handmade soaps, could be.

So I took out the colorfully wrapped soaps, cut up an old Xmas card lying around in my desk and made a little envelope out of it, and put some cash inside the envelope and stuck it on the soap package. Voila, instant Secret Santa gift.

And I was very grateful that: 1) I had brought the two gifts into work on Monday so that I would have less to carry later in the week; 2) that I happened to complain to the warehouse worker about the exchange and found out that it was today; 3) that my guides/ancestors/lwa/deities inspired me and/or I am resourceful enough to think about making use of what I had on hand (meaning, the two gifts in the desk) and 4) that I had cash in my wallet (yesterday I nearly gave my cash to the girlfriend, who had offered to pick up a gift card for me. Because of the extra fees attached to some gift cards, I had decided against it).

It would have been very embarrassing to flake out on my Secret Santa commitment. I don’t know if I am going to participate next year though, as I still think buying gift cards is kind of boring, although I will do it for people who are otherwise difficult to shop for. However, one of guys I like in sales got my name and gave me two horror DVDs and some candy, so score!

And to conclude on an ironic note: Another friend gave me a gift a couple of weeks ago—a game to improve your memory. Perfect!

Lave Tet follow-up and other updates

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I haven’t been posting much about myself recently because there haven’t been any earth-shattering things going on around here. It’s been fairly low-key for the past few months.

I hadn’t been feeling any dramatic effects following my lave tet back in August, or at least I thought I hadn’t. But effects can sometimes be subtle when it comes to metaphysical stuff, and true to form they manifest very differently from what I expected.

I’ve been strangely unproductive since August, dragging my feet on art projects and other tasks that need to be done. I didn’t really associate this with the lave tet until I had an unrelated conversation with Mambo C. During that conversation, she explained that when a person attends ceremonies and performs other activities that bring them into close contact with the energies of the lwa, things can get uncomfortable.

This isn’t a bad thing—in fact it’s quite the opposite. Vodou services expose us to energies that help to balance us, and sometimes this attempt at balancing can feel uncomfortable and awkward until the balance is actually achieved.

I’ve been feeling for a while that I need to make changes in my life, but I am procrastinating. Procrastination can be the bane of people like me who lean towards perfectionism. We want to do things right; we want to fix everything at once. Then we get overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start. And then end up doing nothing.

For example, I know I need to simplify my life and get rid of items that do not help me along my path. The problem is I have so much stuff—in the closets, in the garage, on my bookshelves. (I am a bit of a pack rat due to having been pretty poor at various points in my life.) I also know I need to prioritize how I spend my time and, if I continue dragging my feet, the powers that be may lose patience with me and start taking away the distractions. Recently I was planning to load a game I bought months ago into my PC (read, “major time-waster”) and then my CD-ROM drive spontaneously stopped working. I’m still trying to fix it and think I’m getting close, but am now having second thoughts about loading the game.

As I travel deeper into Vodou, I am going to have less and less time to waste. And the body dislikes change, even if it’s change for the better. As my friend Shannon Knight likes to say, the body views all change as death. It gets scared and resists. It’s that whole “the spirit is willing but the body is weak” thing.

But not everything has been struggle. I am happy that the energy around my shrine cabinet seems stronger since returning from Philadelphia. Sometimes I can feel the energy pressing against my head the moment my thoughts turn towards making an offering. I wanted to add more lwa to the shrine but the shelves were full. So I found a hanging candle holder at a thrift store for a couple of dollars and hung it on the inside of one of the cabinet doors. Then I scanned a few of the cards from Sallie Ann Glassman’s NOLA deck and hung them above the candles. Voila, three new mini shrines.

Also recently I received a message from Legba, who told me “If you feel like you should go, you should go. If you feel like you should stay, find the high ground so you can fight for what you love.” I think he was referring specifically to my preoccupation with death (and it warrants mention here that the Ghede showed up in the reading I had with Mambo Pat back in August, although I chose not to mention it in previous posts). I may elaborate more on this in a later post after I work out some issues for myself.

In other lwa-related news, it seems that La Sirene wants something more of me too, and has turned up in at least three readings I’ve received in the past several months. I am working on serving her better so I can figure out what that is.

And my dream life has been pretty active, with a lot of time spent wandering around old buildings in the astral realm. Sometimes I am looking for shoes, undoubtedly to help me find my way along this path.

Timing and Legba

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Yesterday I had breakfast with two drummer friends, and almost bought a djembe at the nearby drum shop! (I didn’t because the price tag that I thought was for the djembe was actually for the stand it was on, and I didn’t have that much disposable cash to spend.) Afterwards, one of my friends was nice enough to drive me to an art/bake sale benefit for another friend who has medical bills to pay off.

After the sale, we went over to Gargoyles so he could see the art show. And this is where the synchronicity comes in.

I got into a conversation with the employee who was there and found out that he was given the art show slot for August, the slot that I thought was reserved for another friend.

As I’ve mentioned before, I believe that part of being a child of Legba is about making connections for others. It feels like I was meant to be at the shop at that time, and to find out about the scheduling confusion. It’s in the process of being sorted out, but all of the people involved are very cool people, so I think it will be fine.

Small synchronicities

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Some of the synchronicities in my life are subtle, but I still like to acknowledge them.

The friend I wrote about in my last post crossed over sometime between August 11 and August 15. This is about a year and 12 days after her beloved dog crossed over last year. She wrote him a heartfelt eulogy on August 15 of last year. I can almost see them making an agreement: “OK, I’ll cross over first, and you hang back and take care of what you need to do. Then meet me here in a year.” They would not have wanted to be away from each other for long.

The second night after finding out about my friend, I dreamt that my girlfriend Anne and I were living in an apartment in our old building on Eastlake Ave. We were getting ready to go someplace and had to bring the cats inside first (they were out in the hall, lounging contentedly). When I looked down, it wasn’t Snowman and Luna I saw, but Snowman and Puck! It was so nice to see Puck again, even if only briefly. I wonder if my friend knew that I was envying her reunion with her dog, and sent Puck over to say “hi.”

Lastly, I just finished my second John Edward book and was in the used book store yesterday to find something new to read. I ran across a new-condition (sans book cover) copy of “The Way of Cartouche” by Murry Hope. I’d been meaning to buy this book for some time, to go with the Cartouche deck I have. I could not believe my luck. And I’d just been wondering earlier this week what the next step in my spiritual studies should be. And now I have my answer.

Lost pendant and synchronicity

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The more I open myself up to the idea of synchronicity, the more I am aware of it in my life.

Earlier this week one of my pendants went missing. It’s a simple tiger’s eye stone with a metal loop embedded in it. Attached to the embedded loop is a small, secure keychain-type loop. To the keychain loop was attached a strong cord, knotted on one end.

Prior to using this strong cord, I had the pendant on a soft leather cord with a clasp. A couple of months ago the cord finally wore through, which is not uncommon with that type of leather cord. After that I switched to using an adjustable black cord, which came undone several times over the past month. I would lean over and see the pendant on the ground at my feet. One time someone found it at work and returned it to me. At that point I switched to the simple non-adjustable knotted cord.

This is not any old pendant. It houses a servitor that was created by someone I know. A servitor is an entity/energy golem/thought form that has been created by someone and programmed with certain abilities and purposes. I purchased this one a few years ago as protection against psychic attacks and energy siphoning. The servitor  has a name and takes the form of a large feline, but I won’t describe him more than that so as not to forewarn or forearm anyone who may wish me harm. But he has served me well, although in the past few months it’s felt like he was trying to get away from me.

I wasn’t happy when the pendant went missing this week. What was odd is that when I removed the leather cord, it was not torn or unknotted. It was intact. Only the pendant was missing.

Normally I am very bothered when I lose things, but this week I’ve just felt calm about it. As fond as I am of the pendant and its resident spirit, I’ve recently gained more confidence in my own shielding abilities and the various resources, friends and spirits available for help. I could not help but wonder if losing the pendant was an indication that I no longer needed to rely on the servitor.

Adding to the synchronicity, just last night I was at Gargoyles Statuary and the owner, a good friend of mine, pulls out a beautiful Sekhmet pendant that she found for me.  It is real silver and surprisingly affordable. How could I say no? I had the feeling that one cat was stepping into the background while the goddess was exerting her influence in the foreground.

Today I accepted the loss of the servitor calmly, and was in the process of stripping the bed to wash my sheets when, low and behold, there was the pendant. I was glad to find it but didn’t feel particularly relieved. I still welcome the added protection of its resident spirit, but I think he will not have to work so hard from here on out.