What is it with the blue dress?

I meant to mention this a couple of weeks ago, and then got distracted writing about my meeting with Mambo C.

During a recent healing meditation, I had a vision/impression of walking among a group of African children. The most prominent in the group was a little girl with a very dark complexion wearing a sky blue dress with a white dotted pattern. She looked maybe 9 years old, and I was walking a little behind her.

While I do not remember seeing this particular little girl before, I do remember the color combination of that dress. Back in August I wrote about a spirit who sat beside me on the bus. (See the last paragraph of Looking Back Part 2 to read in its entirety.) Although that spirit was a brown-skinned adult woman with long dark hair (possibly Latina or Native American), the dress was similar: blue with a white floral print. I still do not really know the significance of either the spirit(s) or the dress.

A note to my regular readers: Yes, I did go to the Fet Gede on Sunday. It was quite an experience, and surprised me in some ways. I will be writing about it within the next several days.


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