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Exercising the spirit

Posted in Meditation, Psychic with tags , , , on May 14, 2012 by cheshirecatman

Last night I tried the first two segments of Shannon Knight’s “Manifest Your Bliss” recorded workshop.

In the first meditation, I was guided to listen to my body to reveal my heart’s desire. At first I had trouble focusing, but when the images started to come it was a big blurred jumbled mess. Which reminds me of last year, when my friend Angel fused my multiple conduits for me to help clarify my psychic reception.  (Curious readers can check out that post here.) Now I am wondering if the conduits are fraying again. Or perhaps the information had just built up over time since I’ve been neglecting that aspect of my spiritual work.

I kept seeing images of plants and things in the shape of sprouting plants or exploding fireworks, along with human figures and faces. It was not making a lot of sense. Then I began to suspect that this jumble somehow represented my spirituality and as I thought that the images calmed down a little.

I guess I was kind of expecting that my heart’s desire would be producing art, but apparently my spirituality is more important to me. And when I thought about it, I realized this is true. I think I just misunderstood the question—I assumed that the meditation would be focusing more on mundane desires.

Yeah, yeah, I know what they say about assumptions.

I dozed off during the second meditation (dang your soothing voice, Shannon!), but am looking forward to trying it again to see where it leads me.


Footnote to previous post: Sekhmet

Posted in Art, Divination, Meditation, Religion, Sekhmet with tags , , , , , on May 1, 2011 by cheshirecatman

In the excitement of writing my previous post, I somehow forgot to mention one important detail.

During the meditation, I was visualizing gold light (which K described as “sunshine gold”). Images of Sekhmet kept popping into my mind. She is associated with the sun, according to some sources.

The rational side of my brain says that this is because I recently bought a beautiful print of Sekhmet at an art show, and was reading about her to create an informational tag for a sculpture I made of her. However, I had no plans to start up any Pagan practices again and want to just focus on Vodou.

But I think it unwise to ignore intuition.

So…. now I have to figure out where to put this shrine, and how to go about serving Sekhmet (back in my lazy Wiccan days, I focused on Bastet and Anubis, although not very seriously). I also recently bought a copy of Linda Tucker’s Mystery of the White Lions, not so much because I intended to but more because I was trying to fill up choices for a book club offer and it was one of the books that was of some interest to me. Synchronicity? Maybe.

Shrines are taking over my house. One of the challenges of working with the spirits, I suppose. Fortunately, I already have the print and a small statue of her to place there, so that’s a start.

Names and a memory of a dream?

Posted in Dreams, Spirits with tags , , on March 19, 2011 by cheshirecatman

I was enjoying a bath earlier today. As I relaxed in the hot, soothing water, my mind drifted into very light sleep, or what is sometimes referred to as the “twilight” state between real sleep and deep relaxation. And I had what seemed to be memories.

I was thinking of someone named “Rosie,” a dark-haired middle-aged woman. I seemed to know her, and with her came a memory of being with a few friends at a house.

A small group of us are standing in the driveway of a small white house. It’s nighttime. In the yard there is a small foundation laid out, as though a garage or storage shed is being built.

Then I came fully awake and became confused. I don’t have any friend named Rosie, nor do I remember ever knowing anyone with that name who resembled the woman I saw. And I could not figure out if the house is a place I visited in real life or if I visited it in a dream.

I am recording this here, as this blog functions as my diary for Vodou and other spiritual events, and I hope to understand this later.

Sacred geometry

Posted in Art, Meditation, Religion, Sacred Geometry, Spirits with tags , , , , on June 5, 2010 by cheshirecatman

During a session with my animal communicator friend on Thursday, the topic of sacred geometry came up. This wasn’t the first time we talked about it. She suggested I google it, and the first link I checked out was this video on YouTube featuring artist Charles Gilchrist.

In the video, he mentions that sacred geometry appeals equally to both left-brained and right-brained people, and that this is very unusual. When I heard that, it suddenly made sense to me why the spirits keep bringing this to my attention. For one thing, I am one of those people who uses both sides of his brain equally. Neither is particularly dominant–as an artist and spiritual person, I am always in touch with the right side, yet I am also a “think ahead/planner” type person, and use the logical side of my brain regularly. It comes in handy for the engineering aspects of sculpting.

The video shows a montage of Gilchrist’s work, which stirred up memories of two visions I had. The first happened when I was in my late teens/early twenties. During a quiet solitary morning, I had a vision that I felt represented the “workings of the universe.” Sounds grandiose, I know, but it’s not meant to be. It was more like looking at the inside of a clock. What I saw was a series of glowing rings, and I had the impression that the circle was the base shape of everything.

The second vision happened maybe ten to fifteen years ago during meditation. I saw a series of squares that formed a sort of tunnel. As I watched, the squares slowly aligned themselves. For those of you familiar with the 1979 film “Alien,” the vision was similar to the computer display as the Nostromo is preparing to land on the hostile planet. (Yes, I am a sci fi geek.) I realized afterward that the squares were a visual representation of my energies or chakras aligning themselves. To date, that is still the best meditation session I have ever had. It left me with an energy high that lasted for several hours.

My friend Angel suggested I look into the Flower of Life teachings, so that will be next on my agenda.