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Thoughts on seeing medium John Edward live

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During the middle of last summer, when it became very obvious that my vacation plans were kaput, I  decided to buy tickets to see psychic medium John Edward. It was something I’d thought of doing for a long time, but the tickets aren’t cheap so I didn’t. This time, though, I had the money I would not be spending for travel on hand, so I thought, what the heck. Plus, it would give me something to look forward to

For those of you who don’t know who he is, Mr. Edward used to have a show on the SyFy channel called “Crossing Over with John Edward.” I watched the show regularly, and because of the way he received information and the speed and confidence with which he conveyed it, I quickly recognized he was the real deal. Plus I liked the fact that, even though he has a Catholic background, he didn’t filter the information through a religious lens. (He stated at his show that religion is a path to the truth, not the truth itself.)

I purchased two tickets, not really knowing who I would invite to go with me. I asked my girlfriend Anne if she wanted to go, but Anne was noncommittal, even though she also enjoyed “Crossing Over.” A few weeks later I went to a movie with my good friend Joe, and mentioned the show. His interest and enthusiasm were immediate, and so the decision was made.

The show was at the Marriott in SeaTac, and we arrived about an hour and 45 minutes prior to when the doors opened. It seemed a bit excessive, but when we got there, there was quite a line and only one person processing tickets. By the time we actually sat down, there was less than an hour to wait

John took a wrong turn and was about 20 minutes late, but the show was extended by 20 minutes so it wasn’t a big deal. The experience was very much like watching an episode of “Crossing Over,” with John doing random communications on behalf of various people in the audience. I used to wonder what was cut out of his TV episodes, but after seeing him, my guess is not much. John doesn’t believe in “production” or playing up a reading for dramatic effect; he pretty much just relays what he receives. The last reading of the night was particularly moving–the recently deceased young son came through to talk to his family (his mother and possibly some extended family–I couldn’t see too well from where I was sitting) in their time of grieving. John even offered to call the father (who didn’t attend) after the show, on his own time.

The show lasted about 2 hours, with an extended Q&A afterwards for VIP level ticket holders. Joe and I could have stayed and gotten pictures taken with John, but we opted not to because we were both hungry by then, and we would have been in a line of maybe about 300 or so people.

Initially I had thought it might be neat to be one of the people who received a reading from John, but once I saw how much time he was spending with some people, I was glad I didn’t get one. Joe felt the same way. With my muddled knowledge of my ancestry, I might not recognize some blood relatives if they came through. Plus, John really believes that the people who receive communications during an event are the ones who need it the most. The grieving family really needed it. As for me, I have my own mediums to consult with, and I commune with the dead in dreams.

Some people in the audience seemed very hopeful about receiving a reading and disappointed that they didn’t receive one. If you plan to attend an event, I advise that you just go with the expectation of watching John work, which is itself quite fascinating. And the conversations between John and the audience both before and after the readings are interesting. You might think that your chances of receiving a reading during a 2-hour event are pretty good, but in actuality part of that time is spend in discussion and questions with John, and sometimes the readings take some time, so the odds of receiving a reading are not that good. If a reading is what you really want, I’d advise to save the money you would spend on tickets and buy a reading, either from John or from a less-famous, more affordable medium.

Thinking about death and the afterlife of course makes me think of my late cat Puck, and I’ve been telling him over the past 2 weeks since the event that I’d really like to see him. And finally, last night, he paid me an extended visit in my dreams. The memory was a bit garbled by the time I awoke, but I know it was one of the longer dreams I had with him, and that alone warms my soul.


Busy dreams

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Lately I’ve been having a busy dream life. Prior to the latter half of last year, I hadn’t been remembering my dreams. And while it’s nice to be remembering them again, the content has been more mundane than what I am used to.

I’ve had two dreams recently about visiting vets whom I don’t know in real life. Last week I dreamed that I was up in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, talking with a non-existent vet who had an office on Broadway. We were discussing some weird invention of his that I can’t remember now.

Last night I dreamed that I was talking with a vet in West Seattle (also non-existent) in her large office, over a period of several days. My mother (who crossed over in the 80s) drove me and my older cat Snowman to the first appointment, and the vet barely glanced at him. The second appointment, a few days later, was more of an informal visit, in which the vet (an attractive woman in her 40s) is telling me that she thought the previous Tuesday appointment was supposed to be for the following Wednesday, which explained why she’d spent so little time with us.

I allow Snowman to roam free in the lobby of the office while I follow the vet into the back area, where I meet a beautiful Oriental shorthair cat. When we return to the lobby, Snowman has climbed to the very top of a huge cat tree (maybe 30 feet tall), and has all the agility of his youth. He looks happy and content.

We are discussing the Wednesday appointment again, and I am telling the vet that I can’t make it unless I either take time off of work again (which I had done for the Tuesday appointment in the dream) or ask my mother to do it by herself.

I think this dream is largely caused by stress over money and a dental problem I am having. However, as Snowman is getting old and increasingly frail, I do wonder if my mother is nearby waiting to assist him if he crosses over. I have not dreamed about her in a while. I am okay with Snowman crossing over when he is ready, and just want to make his remaining time here as peaceful and comfortable as possible.

What’s good for the soul

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This entire week I have been off work, on vacation to work on sculpting. As a result, I’ve eaten better,  exercised regularly, slept better and spent at least 5 hours at the art table each day.

Normally, I don’t remember many of my dreams, but this week I seem to remember them nearly every morning. Most of them are just the “mental rehash” ones–nothing deep, but it’s still nice to remember them.

So, I draw the conclusion that art is very good for my soul, a necessary activity that promotes my mental and spiritual health. I also think there is much to be said for slowing down and spending more of one’s time engaged in something you love doing. None of this is news, of course, but this week has proven to me the truth of those ideas.

I’m also enjoying reading Sylvia Browne’s “Afterlives of the Rich and Famous.” I purchased this as mind candy–a fun read about what some celebrities are up to on the other side. However, in the book she describes the afterlife in some depth and I found myself intrigued, largely because some of it resonates with my own experiences.

For example, in her book she describes the other side as looking much like Earth, only more idealized, and souls engage in work that is important to them, such as research or helping the newly disincarnated souls adjust to being Home (her term for the other side). This is a much more exciting idea to me than an idealized Heaven where one flies with angels and spends all one’s time singing praises to God (no offense, but booooring for all eternity). Many of us on Earth are passionate about our work, and the idea of being able to continue one’s work (or engage in work that perhaps you had no opportunity for in your earthly life) is very appealing.

This idea also makes sense because, during my sessions with my animal communicator/medium friend, my loved ones often remark that “they’ve been busy” helping out on that side. Which would make me wonder, busy doing what?

When I am finished with this book, I plan to read another book by Browne, particularly because these descriptions of the afterlife have given me a profound inner peace that I have not felt in ages.