Levoy Exil – Saint Soleil’s Vodou Mystic

Ran across this article on Haitian artist Levoy Exil:

Cameron Karsten's Imaginarium


Levoy Exil is an artist. He’s from Haiti. He lives in Haiti. He is a visionary with deep roots into the mysticism of Haitian vodou. “I have revelations when I’m asleep. In black and white. The black is the body, the white is the spirit. I sing the song of creation to Damballah. I offer him blue, white and mauve. There are lines of dots all around the shapes, in relief. There are dots of light. The red is part of the body. It’s also a symbol of goodness, and it’s good for healing too. Damballah is a snake, made up of all colors.”

Levoy is an original member of the famous Haitian artistic movement called Saint Soleil, which began in 1972. Inspired by vodou religion and the cosmological energies called loa, or vodou spirits, St Soleil (Holy Sun) grew from the peasant mountainsides outside of Port-au-Prince into an…

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5 Responses to “Levoy Exil – Saint Soleil’s Vodou Mystic”

  1. Cheshirecatman,

    It’s odd to sit here and realize that, after reading your blog for so long, I don’t know your name. I thought I knew it, but I guess in my head I must’ve been calling you “The Hermit”. Sorry, that actually has nothing to do with my point, it was just something that occurred to me. Anyway, I have two questions that I think you’d be apt to answer, seeing as how you’re a hounsi Kanzo and have actually been to fetes. However, my questions, though they aren’t frivolous
    or the kind of thing that may be found on the internet, are the sorts of things spoken my inner child and are thus embarrassing. For this reason, I was wondering if there was an email address I could reach you at so as to avoid the humiliation of having people stop here, read this comment, and ridicule my ineptitude. I assure you I will keep my correspondence brief and pertinent. Should you not
    want to post your email address here I imagine that, as owner of the blog, you might easily find mine as it seems to automatically have inserted itself into a slot the moment I clicked the comments section. Whichever way, I hope to speak with you soon. I’m burning with curiosity and I know It’d take a member of a sosyete to quell it. I hope you’ll choose to respond. M ap tann mo w.


    • cheshirecatman Says:

      Hi Tyler, yes, your email shows up via one of my email notifications. I’ll send you a message momentarily.

      • Um…by pertinent and to brief it ended up being an ungodly, unholy length. So take your time. Really, I won’t expect anything for a few months – Christmas at least. Sorry.

  2. likewise, send me an email Cheshirecatman. we live in the same emerald city cam (at) cameronkarsten (dot) com

    • cheshirecatman Says:

      Will do, Cameron. I just looked at your profile. West Africa, wow. That must have been amazing.

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