Visiting The Grand Cemetery Of Port-au-Prince

An article with photos on the Grand Cemetery of Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The Velvet Rocket

Visiting a cemetery may sound rather dull to some of you, but nothing is in Haiti…

port-au-prince cemetery

The Grand Cemetery of Port-au-Prince (or Grand Cimetiere De Port-au-Prince in French) is a vast necropolis of raised tombs that sprawls across a large section of the downtown area:

port-au-prince cemetery

port-au-prince cemetery

We were told by the Haitians that the Grand Cemetery is hundreds of years old:

port-au-prince cemetery

As you can probably tell from the above pictures, the Grand Cimetiere De Port-au-Prince was not spared from the destructive powers of the 2010 earthquake. Nevertheless, life goes on – even in a cemetery – and the population of the cemetery has grown substantially since the earthquake.

And when I use the term population, I am referring both to the living and the dead residents of the cemetery. Yes, there is a large (and living) population of Haitians residing in the cemetery. The tombs frequently offer superior shelter to what…

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