Beautiful Vodou jewelry

Images © Black Water Siren Studios, used by permission

Images © Black Water Siren Studio, used by permission

Christians have their crosses. Pagans have their pentacles. What about Vodouisants?

If you’ve ever done an online search for Vodou jewelry, you’ve no doubt encountered mixed results, some with inaccurate veves. If you were persistent, you might have discovered Black Water Siren Studio.

Black Water Siren Studio is the creative brainchild of self-taught jewelry artist Cyndia Reddish. Her Vodou pieces are available in a variety of metals and price ranges. Several years ago I purchased a Legba charm for myself, and was impressed with its quality and intricate detail. It remains one of my favorite pieces to this day and I wear it frequently as a pendant. She has also started making veve rings.

If you would like to see more of Cyndia’s work, click any of the links below. I have also added a link to my Supplies and Stores menu on the right side of my home page. Enjoy!

Black Water Siren Studio website

Black Water Siren on Etsy

Black Water Siren on eBay



3 Responses to “Beautiful Vodou jewelry”

  1. I always heard that wearing the veve of the lwa whom you serve could cause issues with your relationship. Have you found this to be true or heard about this before?

    • cheshirecatman Says:

      I have not had an issue with it; it just feels like devotional jewelry when I wear it. I am not sure I’ve heard about issues with jewelry, but I have heard that veve tattoos could be a problem. However, I know more than one Vodouisant with one or more veve tattoos, and they have not mentioned experiencing any problems.

  2. Lise Michaela Lucanus Says:

    The Lwas know you & what is in your heart.If you truly love & believe in them they will talk to you & bring help to you in almost unbelieveable ways.I still have so much to learn & every Soestye or House is different.But of course Bondye(God) comes first & then Papa Legba to open the doors.If you are looking for a particular type of partner then wearing a ring to attract that type of person helps.I got the name all wrong on the type of man I will eventually want but the Lwas had me buy the right statue & am asking for the correct ring for Christmas.They must think I am the most confused lady name wise,but they led me to the exact ring for my ideal man.This is the most beautiful,powerful,effective tradition I have ever been privileged to belong to.I am a Christian but I serve the Lwas & they watch over me.And I have the most wonderful Mambo in the world.The Lwas are Angels but unlike Angels they talk to you while you are alive & not dying.Cyndia by making jewelry of the Lwas Veve’s is honoring them.And I know in my heart they watch over her~!! And her work is exquisite,AYIBOBO Cyndia~! Mesi anpil,

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