A visit with my mother

I haven’t been posting much for the past couple of months. I’ve been busy with some mundane tasks and wasn’t sure what I felt like writing about. Then a few nights ago I dreamed about my mother.

She’s been on the other side since the mid Eighties. I don’t dream of her often, so it’s always nice when she stops by. Often we are traveling together, driving in cars or waiting in airports. This time we were in the kitchen of the last apartment we lived in together. There are other people in the apartment, but I’m not sure of their identities. She and I are alone in the kitchen, and she has an array of food laid out on the counters and stove top. Apparently a party or feast is underway.

When I was a child she used to buy me glazed donuts at a local shop for a treat. In the dream she hands me a glazed donut covered with blackberry and raspberry fruit topping. I bit into it and it was delicious. And then I woke up.

Nothing terribly exciting or dramatic, but I feel this dream is a sign of good things to come.


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