Faith and signs


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A recent conversation with a good friend got me to thinking about faith and signs, and how hard it can be to have faith if you experience few signs.

I used to be like that, back in my Wiccan days. I had days when I wondered why I even bothered having a faith, when the powers that be did not acknowledge or speak to me. I thought maybe what little I did sense was all in my head. I know there are many people who experience similar struggles, as well as people who retain their faith in the absence of signs. A crisis of faith isn’t always a bad thing either. It can be an opportunity to re-evaluate and re-direct oneself, if necessary.

It took some pretty obvious and undeniable signs to set my feet firmly on the Vodou path, and for that I feel very blessed and will always be grateful. (Never let it be said that the Lwa are not patient.) But in retrospect, I can’t help but think that many signs were indeed there in my life already, and I was too distracted by my daily struggles or my own expectations to notice them. Signs can be as subtle as a song on a distant radio that carries a message relevant to you at that time, or the shape of a cloud, or the words spray-painted on a wall. The powers that be make use of what’s available to them, whether that is an object in your vicinity or the assistance of a mambo or medium.

With Vodou, I can’t stress the importance of community enough. While there IS a such thing as solitary Vodou, community is where you can experience more signs and receive validation of your beliefs. Even if you only attend a fet once in a while, the experience is well worth it.

And with that, I extend a heartfelt thanks to the local mambo, who has given me (and continues to give me) more than she will ever know, and I salute Mambo Pat and Papa Don of Sosyete du Marche, who hold the lantern that lights my way.


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