Bah, American Horror Story

Is this how you visualize Legba? Yeah, didn't think so.

Is this how you visualize Legba? Yeah, didn’t think so.

With each season, “American Horror Story” has become more of a clusterfuck. I guess I should not be surprised, producer Ryan Murphy does not have a good track record regarding quality television and respect for diverse people and cultures. If you don’t think I’m serious, guess which of the young witches were killed off first? You got it: the black one and then the disabled one. Because, of course neither could be the supreme. You need a typical white girl for that.

The premiere episode this season was particularly horrible, with footage of the torture and mutilation of black bodies for the purpose of making a villain seem more villainous (which sort of makes sense until said villain is played off as sympathetic later). Tonight’s episode, while featuring Stevie Nicks (who still can move me to tears with her music), managed to insult none other than Papa Legba, who is portrayed as some weird cross between Baron Samedi and Satan. Since when did Legba ever purchase souls? Yeah, there’s the whole devil-in-the-crossroads Robert Johnson story, but if one views that story with some understanding of Voodoo, one might interpret it not as Johnson selling his soul but rather as him making an offering to the lwa.

While Angela Bassett is, as always, magnificent, this show receives an F- for its portrayal of Voodoo as of tonight.


3 Responses to “Bah, American Horror Story”

  1. I’ve just started watching it and it’s pretty much candy for me–lots of sugar,but no substance. I roll my eyes every single time they invoke something as ‘vodou’ and, though I haven’t gotten that far yet, I am not at all surprised they killed off Queenie, who I liked, and the disabled witch, whose name I can’t remember.

    I will give them props, though, for casting a woman of color and size and a person who is actually disableddisabled to play the part of a disabled person. I also liked it that they didn’t leave her (the disabled witch) as the tag-along–she’s got stuff of her own and that guy from next door made some eyes at her. Those are things I definitely liked.

    • cheshirecatman Says:

      Baby steps. Casting people of color and then killing them off is not new. Casting a woman of size and color is good–having her engage in weird semi-bestiality sex, not cool, while the two standard white girls are having sex with the more human zombie guy. Vodou was handled much better on the X-Files.

  2. I couldn’t get far enough into the show because it’s so gruesome, but I have a good friend who loves it (and is a witch, no less)– que the inevitable “is Legba really like that?”… I can’t imagine what kind of nightmare you’d have on your hands if you gave a lwa a cocaine offering but I could imagine Legba grinning slyly and saying “so you want me to move fast with this request?” and then giving you a cocaine-type solution. No thanks…

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