Quiet time with the Ghede and Tuesday shopping


Due to circumstances beyond our control, our local Fet Ghede celebration didn’t happen last weekend. I was disappointed, but then after it was cancelled my friend’s daughter got sick (this friend would have given me a ride to the event) and Seattle was hit with a pretty bad wind storm. Some neighborhoods were without electricity until the following day. Trees fell. People got injured. So the cancellation could very well have been a blessing in disguise.

I spent a quiet weekend at home. On Saturday I rearranged my Ghede and ancestor altars, and made offerings to them. I listened to Sosyete du Marche’s Priye Ginen CD and sang to parts of it. Then on Sunday I charged a deck of Lenormand cards and watched the Walking Dead (an appropriate show for the season). It was a pleasant weekend, just much more subdued than originally planned.

I was still feeling a little down but Tuesday cheered me up quite a bit. After work I had a few hours to kill before meeting a friend, and used the opportunity to visit some of my favorite shops. I rode the bus up to 65th and browsed through East West Bookshop and Zenith Supplies, but did not buy anything. I saw some nice mortar and pestle sets at Zenith, but could not make up my mind so decided to wait. Then I headed over to Gargoyles Statuary where, lo and behold, I found a mortar and pestle set that had a design I liked plus was about the right weight (a good balance between heavy enough but not too heavy). I also purchased a black cat candle that will be a Yule gift next month.

My final stop before meeting my friend was Edge of the Circle Books, where I ran into “Greg” (I wrote about him before in some of my fet-related posts) and the lovely Raven. (For those unfamiliar, Raven is Edge of the Circle’s resident kick-ass tarot reader. She also edits their blog and, if that weren’t enough, is the bass player for Legion Within). I always enjoy talking to Greg. I haven’t seen him for a while, so it was great to catch up. Plus, who better to run into at this time of year? Greg serves the Ghede, so running into him felt like a hello from the Ghede themselves and a reminder that, fet or no fet, they are up and about. Oh and I picked up a couple of candles while I was there.

All shops mentioned above are featured in the links menu for those of you who are curious.


4 Responses to “Quiet time with the Ghede and Tuesday shopping”

  1. Oh! I just recently read an article about Edge of the Circle Books, and thought that it sounded like a really nice place, and was a bit wistful because i don’t know any place like that here. And then you went there! That makes me happy. ^^

    • cheshirecatman Says:

      Thanks 🙂 It’s not a huge store, but they are the only local store that I know of that carries not only Vodou and Santeria books but also supplies. The owner is a cool guy, the resident tarot reader is cool; not much to not like :). They also have a room in the basement that people can use for classes and ritual. I only wish I got out there more often, but I live outside of central Seattle now and don’t venture downtown as much.

  2. I’m jealous of your mortar and pestle! It’s beautiful.

    • cheshirecatman Says:

      Thanks! I like it better than any of the others I saw, although those were nice too. This one was a good balance of design, weight and size. Gayle at Gargoyles doesn’t always have them in stock, but will order things upon request (and ship) if you want to get one later. It was $26.

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