Between worlds with a cool head

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The head is the  seat of magic in Vodou. One is often referred to as having a “cool” head or a “hot” head.  A cool one is most desirous! A cool head means you are calm, balanced, in control of your life and all the challenges that  come your way. A hot head is just what it sounds like – short tempered,  angry, upset, tossed and turned by every little event! This is not good, especially when trying to maintain your equilibrium and keep your life  on a steady course of blessings.

–from the Sosyete du Marche site

October was magickal for me when I was Wiccan. Even though I’ve left that path, the feeling about Autumn hasn’t changed. The belief that the veil between worlds is thin at this time of year is not unique to European Pagan beliefs. This is also the time of year when Vodouisants celebrate Fet Ghede.

For the past couple of months I’ve felt a bit less attached to this world than usual, and this is not a bad thing. I attribute it to the time of year, my past Lave Tet, and also growing closer to my Lwa. I am more focused on Vodou and practical affairs related to my spiritual life. I am feeling a bit like Legba, with one foot in the earthly realm and one foot in the astral. I am in a state of mind where I can remember past disappointments without dredging up all of the emotional baggage with it. Current disappointments and setbacks are viewed with a larger picture mentality, with the knowledge that I will not be in this life forever so I should focus on what’s really important. Money is important to meet our needs in this life, but we don’t really need all of the latest toys, which grow outdated at an alarming pace. What is important is self-care, personal growth and honoring life, whether through how we treat those closest to us or how we exist on the planet.

This detachment became very obvious to me this week due to an unpleasant incident with our neighbors. Without going into too much detail (at this time it looks like we will not be pursuing further action but you never know), one of them damaged something expensive we had just purchased in a manner which seemed intentional even though she says it was not. We’ve decided to accept her apology and move on. Anyway, in the past this would have made me very angry and I would be thinking about hexes or small claims court. While I was obviously not pleased with this turn of events, I did not feel any deep-rooted anger, only moderate displeasure, and I am not obsessing over the floor which would be the usual modus operandi of me the perfectionist. I was very calm when I confronted her and also calm (perhaps to the point of seeming indifferent) when I accepted her apology. It was a great feeling of self-control.

I am aware that this detachment may not last, especially if something really catastrophic happens, but I am enjoying it for now.

Ayibobo, Papa Legba, Ayibobo.


3 Responses to “Between worlds with a cool head”

  1. Congratulations on your cool head!

    I have a lot of work still, I think, before I get there. I can view some things in a detached manner. But other things still impact me. It’s a learning curve and one day, I hope to have learned the lesson.

    • cheshirecatman Says:

      Thanks. I still have a lot of work to do as well. This current mental/emotional state is just a taste of what could be. I know it could end at any time. Severe survival struggles tend to bring our focus very much into the physical and then it’s more difficult to maintain equilibrium.

      • It definitely is. I have had such a trying time with this lately, but so much has been going on in the mundane that I can barely keep my head level enough to remember daily services!

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