Kanzo as metaphor


I get philosophical at work when things get slow. I know I still need to work on my entry about my session with Tracy, and I will shortly. In the meantime, some mental meanderings….

A couple of months ago an initiated friend and I were discussing Kanzo. She mentioned that Kanzo is an ordeal–it isn’t comfortable or convenient. It’s a trial by fire.

We undergo Kanzo in order to become closer with the lwa and to advance in life and Vodou. I got to thinking that in many ways Kanzo is a metaphor for life on this plane. This life is often uncomfortable, difficult and, at times, harrowing. But maybe it has to be that way. It’s our trial by ordeal and fire, so that we can emerge stronger and more refined. The rewards of navigating these sometimes dangerous waters may not always be evident in this lifetime. I believe that clarity comes after death as we advance on our spiritual journey until such time that we move beyond this existence.


One Response to “Kanzo as metaphor”

  1. Your musings, once again, appear at a timely period in my life. 😀

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