Another dream and still shoes

Wednesday night I dreamed that I owed $650 to a former apartment complex. I went to pay it in person, and realized that I did not have enough time to get to work (meaning I was at the apartment office at 5:30 am, like that would happen in real life).

A bit later in the dream I am inside a large office building or hotel. I walk through a set of double doors into a large conference room. Directly in front of me is a row  of psychics  seated at small tables covered with black cloth. Atop each table is a cash register or computer. Beyond the psychics is a room full of interesting New Age/occult shop merchandise, and I am hoping to be able to check that area out later.

To my left, perpendicular to the row of psychics is a long table with a few people sitting behind it. One of them is Dr. Cain, one of the few shrinks I visited back in my youth before I decided that talk therapy wasn’t for me. The real Dr. Cain, when I knew him, was middle-aged, balding and a bit cocky. In the dream, I am impressed how well he’s aged (and when I woke up I realized that, in the dream, he was actually younger than he was when I knew him). He has a full head of dark hair and is slim and fit. What’s more, the cockiness was gone. He was pleasant and subdued when he gave me what I came for, which was a stack of paperwork.

As I looked at the papers, expecting them to be old case records, I see that he’s given me a stack of magazine clippings. One is a picture of a red poppet doll, the kind you see sold as mass market “Voodoo” dolls. The rest of the photos are of modest but pleasant houses.

I leave the suite then, exiting through a second set of double door and get a ways down the hallway before I realize that I’ve (once again) forgotten my shoes. I have to backtrack and find them outside the second set of doors, next to a Christmas tree. I also realize at this point that I don’t look like I do in this life, but am in another body that I sometimes wear in other dreams. This body is slightly taller but still has thick dark hair and olive skin.

When I did finally wake up I was glad that I was not late for work. But the shoe theme still continues and perplexes.


One Response to “Another dream and still shoes”

  1. Yemayá goes by a number of different names including Queen of Witches, Mother of Fishes, The Constantly Changing Woman, The Ocean Mother, Mother of Dreams and Secrets, Mother of Pearl, Mama Watta (Mother of Waters), and Yemaya-Olokun (powerful dream aspect).

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