Expectation and changing reality

My elderly cat Snowman has been dropping weight for about a year now. Last spring, I took him to a nearby vet and had him x-rayed. He had some kind of internal infection going on, and the vet saw what he thought might be tumors in his abdomen. I viewed the digital x-ray on the vet’s computer screen, and saw the small white shapes among what should have been a dark background, but the infection caused his abdomen to show up cloudy. I was told further tests would be necessary, or exploratory surgery.

Snowman was very dehydrated and stood overnight, running his tab up to over $700. Upon taking him home, I continued giving him his prescribed antibiotics and decided I would wait before any further course of action, as I’d already siphoned off most of my available funds for this visit.

When I received the written lab report, much of it was similar to what the vet told me except that the diagnosis read cancer.

Well, this was depressing. I did not want to subject a 17-year-old cat to surgery that would probably not cure him, so I decided I would keep him home and would help him cross over when the time felt right.

Recently a friend of mine did some healing candle work for him, and I also did some Zimbate work on him during which my hand grew really hot. I was not optimistic that either would help, however; for in spite of a voracious appetite, he continued to lose weight until his bones were protruding from his skin. So I made him an appointment with a vet who does house calls, and she came over yesterday to end his life. After examining him, feeling his organs through the skin and asking me questions, she said that she was not at all sure he had tumors. She thought it could be his thyroid or irritable bowel syndrome.

At the moment, she is reviewing his lab results and will likely return for further tests. I am appreciating my prolonged time with him after an awful weekend of premature mourning. While Puck was like my child, Snowman is more of a brother or peer, and I did not think losing him would hurt as much as it turned out to. Apparently I rely on him far more than I realize.

The odd part of this story is when I found the old lab report to send to the new vet, it states that his diagnosis was uncertain. It’s possible that there is a missing page that lists the diagnoses as cancer, because I am pretty dang certain I didn’t misread it the first time.

This leaves me wondering if a) the spellwork and the Zimbate worked; b) about the nature of reality, or at least my version of it; and c) if spellwork can actually alter things in the past. This is certainly not the first time I’ve wondered about the nature of reality, what with my history of vanishing and reappearing objects. I’ve also had photographs seem to change from how I remembered them. I am sure that some of the time it is a trick of my memory, but other times I am not so sure. Perhaps it’s related to the time of year. Who knows.


4 Responses to “Expectation and changing reality”

  1. When I was a bit younger we lost our 22 year old cat. He had the symptoms you were describing and my first thought was a serious theyroid issue… It is VERY common in older cats.
    I wish the best for you and your feline!

  2. If it’s IBS, there are things you can do that are simple that will help his digestion. Not as sure about diabetes. But animals are either “putting up the good fight” to stay with us, or simply “going to spirit suddenly”. I’d say you have the former going on. Was able to keep my boy for 19 years. In the end, he wasn’t on medication (he had IBS) he was on the things I had found that helped him. Best of luck. Always hard to lose a friend. But sounds like he wants to stay with you a bit longer.

    • cheshirecatman Says:

      Thank you for your comment and support, Lisa. What things did you find helped your boy? Snowman just finished up some medication but he is still way too thin.

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