Empathy for the gods

Sometimes it’s humorous when we recognize ourselves in others. And sometimes it’s irritating.

Once I entered into my 30’s, these moments of recognition happened more often. Someone would be getting on my nerves, and my inner voice would be complaining about how whiny, apathetic, negative, inconsiderate, etc. they were. And then, a while later, I would recall an incident when someone told me (either directly or indirectly) that I was whiny, apathetic, negative, inconsiderate, etc.

For the past few months, I’ve felt ¬†frustrated as I’ve tried to connect an artist friend with a shop owner friend about an art show. And each time I ask either one of them if they’ve called the other one yet, the answer is always no, with a variety of excuses/reasons.

Now, I know I am not always the most on-the-ball person. I get tired and have a tendency to procrastinate. So this made me wonder how often my gods, guides and lwa have prompted me to do something and I made them wait. I imagine they got pretty frustrated. After a while, they may have even thrown up their hands in despair and decided to drop whatever they were attempting to help me with.

I do not want them to do that, as I need their help. This is just another reason to continue my efforts to take better care of my health, which will give me more energy to stay motivated. It’s difficult sometimes in our culture of mass distraction and overstimulation to find time and energy for spiritual and creative work, but it can be done. For me, it will be an ongoing process of priorities, organization and elimination of things that are no longer relevant to my life.


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