Virtual housecleaning

So it looks like I will be cutting back on some of my blog subscriptions. I do this periodically due to my feed getting too large; however, in this case it’s inspired by too much negativity on some blogs. Now, I am not bothered by people discussing problems in their lives or even the occasional sarcastic rant. However, when reading a blog means that I have to encounter insults bordering on slander about a friend, then it’s time to cut the cord. I have enough negativity in my life without deliberately subjecting myself to more.

It’s so easy (and common in the magickal and metaphysical communities) to claim that someone you don’t like or disagree with is delusional and not properly attuned to spirit. It goes without saying that if you are publicly making or supporting such statements, that one hopes your spiritual house is in order.


6 Responses to “Virtual housecleaning”

  1. seastruckbythecrossroads Says:


    • seastruckbythecrossroads Says:

      oops, my apologies I was trying to repy to the post that said how parts of this blog are now in a book but I somehow misplaced myself while logging in. Go figure.

      But… I was going to share the feeling behind this post, regardless.

  2. Very well said; being someone currently accused of such delusion by more than a handful of people, I know exactly what you mean and agree wholeheartedly. You don’t have to like or agree with me, but please don’t insult me by trying to claim that I am making things up — I most certainly am not, and I DO know what my Gods are saying to me. *smooths ruffled feathers*

    • cheshirecatman Says:

      Sorry to hear that. Hey, no one has to believe anyone else, but since we are talking about things that are difficult to definitively prove one way or the other, it seems foolish to me to post such statements and accusations publicly.

      • (By the way, I think you know this, but I don’t mean *you* personally…)

        It’s particularly tricky for folks who are either told by the spirits with whom they work that it’s their Job to share their experiences, or who do so in the spirit of helping others because they’ve had a lonely and confusing journey themselves… Or both. I’m sure that, like me, others in that situation probably tend to generally have the intention of merely speaking to their own experience, which others sometimes have a tendency to assume is the writer saying that, because they have a particular experience, it must apply to everyone else, or at least others.

        But I’m veering off-topic…

        I find it not only foolish, but also rude and presumptive, to publicly mock others’ experiences, honestly whether it’s blatant or veiled. It also feels very reminiscent of cliques and middle school to me, aside from being the exact opposite of what worship and devotion mean to me… To oversimplify, to me, religion and spirituality boil down to forging frith (peace, stability, kinship) and sharing gebo (love, gifts, sacrifice), both among other people and spirits/Deities. (Of course it’s also about the Gods Themselves.)

        Sorry for getting a little rambly. Your topic hit a little close to home.

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