Dreams and classes

The last few nights have given me some interesting dreams. On both occasions, prior to going to sleep, I was listening to Shannon Knight’s chakra clearing meditation, so this may have had something to do with it.

On Thursday night, I dreamt that I was riding with a former co-worker (along with two other people whose identity I am unsure of) on the freeway. We rear-ended a semi truck and were killed. Now this may sound violent, but in the dream it was not; death was instantaneous and I was out-of-body in a flash of white light and never even felt the impact.

The rest of the dream was spent wandering around on the other side, which looked a lot like the current world only I was not worried about anything. There was no place I had to go, I couldn’t be harmed so there was no fear. The overwhelming feeling was relief that my death had been so swift and painless and that the worries and toil of my life were over. As the dream progressed, I started wondering where my late cat Puck was and why he had not come to see me. Then slowly I realized I was dreaming and attempted to wake myself up. I had one false awakening (where I was still in the dream) and then I woke up for real and had to get ready for work. Bleh.

Then last night I dreamt I was on a road trip with friends and we visited this old hippie couple. The woman was holding a feathered Mardi Gras mask on a stick which she would sometimes hold up to her face. The man was dressed up as a knight in a homemade suit of armor. He held a colorful shield and on his chest was the word “Ashmead” in a fancy Old English-type font. (I am surprised I could see this as I often have trouble reading in dreams).

I am not sure what these dreams mean and it’s quite possible they are just reviews of things I thought or spoke about during waking hours (at least some of the elements and people I can trace back to that).

Although I am starting to receive commissions, financial recovery from some setbacks during the winter will take some time. Of course, I am running across things I want, including some online class offers. Two classes are from a local woman whom I have great respect for. I would love to take her rootworking class, but realistically I can’t afford it at this time and also my schedule is rather stretched to the limit as it is. She is also offering an Orisha tarot class, which sounds really interesting. However, I am reluctant to attract the attention of more Mysteres. As I’ve mentioned before, I no longer court any deities/lwa/spirits; I am already finding it a challenge to properly serve those I am currently committed to.

However, my friend Shannon is offering a deal (expires sometime tomorrow) on some of her audio workshop classes, and this was too good to pass up, at $10 each. So these will tide me over until my ledger is in the blue again. 🙂 I took one of Shannon’s workshops in the past, and it was incredibly helpful to me.


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  1. cheshirecatman Says:

    *Note: The discounted price will show up once you add the item to the shopping cart, until sometime tomorrow.

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