And so it continues…. (art and spell results)

Today out of nowhere one of my Facebook friends commissioned three werewolf sculptures. I usually sell these on consignment at our mutual friend’s local shop, but because these are being purchased directly from me, I was able to offer her a discount. So it was win-win all around, as Sekhmet sends more work my way. I have not forgotten my promise to her to set aside 10 percent of each sale to save the big cats, and soon I should have enough to send out. I will have to decide which organization to send it to.

For much of last week and through the weekend I was in a cranky mood and around that time a friend asked me to do a protection spell for her. We agreed that I would petition Sekhmet. What is interesting is that as the candle burned down, my crankiness went away; an unexpected benefit to candle magick. I am not sure if it was cathartic or if that cranky energy was channeled into the spell itself.

I’ve been slacking off a bit on sculpting for the past few days, but will have to get back in gear this weekend as I cannot afford to get behind. I now have 3 commissions to work on this month as well as a touch up and a repair. It’s like having a part time job working for myself, and that’s the best kind.


2 Responses to “And so it continues…. (art and spell results)”

  1. The part-time job working for yourself thing is awesome, very awesome even. The part i will reject when i go pro with my sewing is, well, it won’t be just a hobby anymore, and i’ll have to work whether i’m in the mood or not. But doing what you like is still way awesome. 🙂

  2. cheshirecatman Says:

    I agree, I am doing some projects that I would not choose to do on my own. However, because I have another source of income, I can reject jobs that I really do not want to do, which is nice right now. If I ever do this full time, I will not necessarily have that luxury.

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