Timing and Legba

Yesterday I had breakfast with two drummer friends, and almost bought a djembe at the nearby drum shop! (I didn’t because the price tag that I thought was for the djembe was actually for the stand it was on, and I didn’t have that much disposable cash to spend.) Afterwards, one of my friends was nice enough to drive me to an art/bake sale benefit for another friend who has medical bills to pay off.

After the sale, we went over to Gargoyles so he could see the art show. And this is where the synchronicity comes in.

I got into a conversation with the employee who was there and found out that he was given the art show slot for August, the slot that I thought was reserved for another friend.

As I’ve mentioned before, I believe that part of being a child of Legba is about making connections for others. It feels like I was meant to be at the shop at that time, and to find out about the scheduling confusion. It’s in the process of being sorted out, but all of the people involved are very cool people, so I think it will be fine.


4 Responses to “Timing and Legba”

  1. seastruckbythecrossroads Says:

    I confess, I am charmed by the hanging question of how having a certain Lwa as a Met Tet ends up influencing your life so this post stirred an already boiling caudron inside my head.

    • cheshirecatman Says:

      Perhaps you will blog about it sometime? It would be interesting to read your thoughts.

      • seastruckbythecrossroads Says:

        Iam considering it.

        I wish I had the ‘broad perspective’ to adress this subject generally but as it stands, i am still trying to pinpoint how my relationship with my Met Tet affects me.
        I am LaSirene’s child – the most plain expression of this is my intense tendency to daydream and an even more intense tendency to be invigorated by extended contacted with sea/water. To be clearer on last point: I am known to swim in both sea and swimming pools for literal hours and leaving the water just because i am turning blue, with only a vague idea of how much time I have been in.
        As a counterpoint, starting to honor my mmet tet has meant to have the suppressed emotional side of me being unlocked at once with a confusing explosivity… hence underlyining the connection between LaSirene and the emotions realm.

        Sometimes I would really like there were more lwa-serving eclectics willing to talk about their experience with those ‘hidden aspects’ of vodou practice. Especially since the identity of one’s Met Tet -and therefore also one’s relationship with him/her-seems to be a taboo in tradional vodou.

  2. cheshirecatman Says:

    I’ve found that hiding one’s Met Tet seems to be less common among American Vodouisants. I have La Sirene as a rather prominent member of my escort, so I can identify with you about water and especially the dreaminess. I can daydream at the drop of a hat, which means I have to be especially focused when driving.

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