Artwork, service and spell results

One of the ways I serve the lwa and the goddess is through my artwork. For a recent show, I tried my hand at creating busts instead of my usual full body pieces. I am pleased with the results, and apparently others were too, as all three of these pieces sold within a few days. I’ve sculpted both Sekhmet and Papa Ghede before, but this was my first portrayal of Maman Brigitte. Anne sold four of her paintings during the art show reception, which was very cool as she has not shown her work for a while.

I was also happy to learn that both Ghede busts were purchased by a fellow Vodouisant who will likely place them on his Ghede altar.

A humorous followup to some prosperity candle work I did with Sekhmet about a month ago: Aย  couple of the people in my spell group reported some nice financial windfalls and I was wondering why my spellwork seems to be more effective for others rather than for myself. Anne and I have been struggling a bit financially and I was hit pretty hard with a major dental bill early in March. We won’t get paid for our art show salesย  until mid-May. So a few days ago at dinner I was complaining a bit about my spell results (which was not cool of me in light of the art sales). After dinner, when I went online to check my email messages, I was surprised to see a PayPal notification that a friend of mine had prepaid for a commission that I haven’t even started yet.

I laughed but also felt a little sheepish. I need to be patient, and also appreciate what I have already received. I also have this feeling that any money I receive will be through my own efforts, and not some random windfall. This is not a bad thing, though, as money is a strong motivator to keep me producing artwork. This doesn’t fit the romantic stereotype of the emotionally driven artist, but it’s the truth.



8 Responses to “Artwork, service and spell results”

  1. I think you did a great job with Maman!

  2. cheshirecatman Says:

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ Her hair color is not traditional, but I needed to put the hat on while the clay was still wet, which would have made painting around and under the hat difficult. So I went with black, and she didn’t seem to mind.

  3. Your busts are excellent great work! I love the Ghedes!

    • cheshirecatman Says:

      Thanks! They were fun to do. Although I will say this is the first time that it felt like my sculptures were about to start talking to me ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. seastruckbythecrossroads Says:

    Just so you know, I am staring utterly transfixied at that MamanBrigitte bust!
    Even if… other two are no less stunning.
    I tip my imaginary hat at your talent!

  5. The sculptures are absolutely gorgeous!

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