Norwescon and themes of three

Art table at Norwescon 35

Last weekend I was at Norwescon participating in the art show and attending panels. It was exhausting and a lot of fun. Among the highlights for me was the panel on race and popular media, moderated by Sheye Anne Blaze and featuring author Dennis R. Upkins. Mr. Upkins slipped in a barb about the film “Avatar” before I even had a chance to mention anything, and it was so gratifying to hear from others who share my views on the film (which you can read here). I don’t hate the movie or believe that James Cameron had any bad intentions, but when I watch it there are always things that bother me about the film even though I love the lush visuals.

I made three sales this year, and two of the pieces went to auction (a first for me!). I can’t help but think the goddess Sekhmet had her hand in this, possibly due in part to some candle work recently performed with her. One of the pieces that sold was a standing figure of the goddess herself, and the other two were domestic black cats. Granted, I had no shortage of cats on my table, but still, only the feline pieces sold.

Two years ago, I sold three Vodou-related pieces at the same convention, after requesting the favor of the lwa.

True to my promise to her, a portion of profits will be set aside for donation to big cat causes, to be donated periodically to a responsible non-profit organization (there are several I like, including the Snow Leopard Trust and the White Lion Protection Trust). The goddess likes us to create and display her image, so I have another piece started for her to display at my next show.


2 Responses to “Norwescon and themes of three”

  1. seastruckbythecrossroads Says:

    Wow, from the picture I see, your pieces are absolutely beautiful! do you sell them somewhere online too?

  2. cheshirecatman Says:

    Thank you. I don’t have shopping cart type sales from my website, since pieces are one-of-a-kind, but people are welcome to inquire about available pieces and I do commissions as well.

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