Candle work

For several months I’ve been doing candle work with an online group. We generally do work for each other and ourselves at the new or full moon. It’s an interesting group; its members hail from at least three countries and as many religious faiths. Working with the group has been good for me. It forces me to commit to a date and time and to get the work done.

One of the members burned a candle for me last weekend and then shared a photo for all of us to discuss. In the remains of the herbs and wax, one of the members saw a medicine stick around 10 o’clock.  Another member saw a staff. When I took a closer look at the photo, I got goosebumps. The medicine stick/staff had the distinctive shape of Legba’s cane, the same cane that is part of the various veves decorating his altar. The same shape as the handmade cane I bought for him last year. Never underestimate Papa Legba’s ability to manifest in your life. It made me smile that Old Bones has my back.

The candle I lit for myself burned hot, and split the glass candle dish in two. The last time I burned one of Coventry Creations’ candles, the same thing happened. What was different this time is that one of the halves of the dish is missing. It was not on the altar, so either it has slipped into the ether or it flew off the altar and out of sight. Either way, I’ve never had that happen before.*

(Note 3/30/12: I had placed aluminum foil under the candle (and holder) I burned for myself in order to protect the furniture. One of my group members pointed out that aluminum foil increases the heat level, which is likely why the holder broke with enough force to propel the missing half off into the room somewhere, most likely into the closet. So, mundane explanation for the missing half.)


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  1. That’s a GREAT sign! I’m sure Papa Legba was there, perhaps he took part of the dish. Our spirits are always around us. Everywhere I go there’s always something that reminds me he is there.

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