Busy dreams

Lately I’ve been having a busy dream life. Prior to the latter half of last year, I hadn’t been remembering my dreams. And while it’s nice to be remembering them again, the content has been more mundane than what I am used to.

I’ve had two dreams recently about visiting vets whom I don’t know in real life. Last week I dreamed that I was up in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, talking with a non-existent vet who had an office on Broadway. We were discussing some weird invention of his that I can’t remember now.

Last night I dreamed that I was talking with a vet in West Seattle (also non-existent) in her large office, over a period of several days. My mother (who crossed over in the 80s) drove me and my older cat Snowman to the first appointment, and the vet barely glanced at him. The second appointment, a few days later, was more of an informal visit, in which the vet (an attractive woman in her 40s) is telling me that she thought the previous Tuesday appointment was supposed to be for the following Wednesday, which explained why she’d spent so little time with us.

I allow Snowman to roam free in the lobby of the office while I follow the vet into the back area, where I meet a beautiful Oriental shorthair cat. When we return to the lobby, Snowman has climbed to the very top of a huge cat tree (maybe 30 feet tall), and has all the agility of his youth. He looks happy and content.

We are discussing the Wednesday appointment again, and I am telling the vet that I can’t make it unless I either take time off of work again (which I had done for the Tuesday appointment in the dream) or ask my mother to do it by herself.

I think this dream is largely caused by stress over money and a dental problem I am having. However, as Snowman is getting old and increasingly frail, I do wonder if my mother is nearby waiting to assist him if he crosses over. I have not dreamed about her in a while. I am okay with Snowman crossing over when he is ready, and just want to make his remaining time here as peaceful and comfortable as possible.


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