More comments on Rigaud and a must-read blog post

I  am preparing to do some spellwork tomorrow. I haven’t done spellwork with Sekhmet before, and had pondered the idea of pairing her with  Legba for this effort. After discussing it with a friend, I decided against it for now, at least until I’ve worked with her more.

So today I am reading Rigaud’s book on the bus and come across his list of lwa/animal correlations. I find that Legba is correlated with white sheep and lions.

Riguad also writes that “Quebiesou is an ancient Legba.” I originally read about Quebieso (also spelled Hervioso) in Sharon Caulder’s book “The Mark of Voodoo” and then proceeded to be nearly struck by lightning. Twice.

Again I am reminded why my gods are my gods and I receive a few more glimpses of a larger picture. And I’m thinking that Legba and Sekhmet may be compatible in future endeavors.

I am feeling excited and a little anxious about my spellwork tomorrow and, as if on cue, I come across a wonderful and thought-provoking article on The Witch of Forest Grove’s blog. I highly recommend reading it:  Fear and Doubt


2 Responses to “More comments on Rigaud and a must-read blog post”

  1. As a fellow devotee of Sekhmet and Legba, I can heartily assure that they do easily work together. Currently, they share space on my altar. And it was because of Sekhmet that I met Papa Legba in the first place.

  2. cheshirecatman Says:

    Thanks for confirming that. I am the opposite, I think, in that it is because of Legba that I met Sekhmet 🙂 I plan to explore more of your blog.

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