More on Rigaud’s book…and a brand new Vodou book!

As I’ve continued rereading Rigaud’s “Secrets of Voodoo,” I am reminded why this was not one of my early favorites. There is a lot of information in here. Also, the book is not specifically Haitian Vodou. This isn’t a bad thing at all, but sometimes I am not sure which practices/beliefs stem from which tradition(s). So I am still confused sometimes, just much less so than before.

Today I was reading Chapter 4, “The Symbols of Vodou.” In this chapter, I found more similarities with Egyptian beliefs. In his discussion of the term baka, Rigaud writes:

…it would be wrong to believe that the baka principle, in magic as in religion, is limited to Voodoo alone…Baka, in the magic of Egypt just as in the magic of Haiti has the following meaning…: the mystere ba or bha–found for example in the name of the mystere Dan-Bha-Lah We-Do and of the Nago mystere Ba-cossou–is the superior soul which resides in the material body from its embryonic stage only to inculcate in it the idea of the good. At death it returns to the high solar regions….letting the dead and decaying body remain with the inferior soul with which it had shared the body during life.

The inferior soul is then the ka, or ca. Hence, after death the body is said to be ka-ba.

In some books on Egyptian mythology, the Ba is defined as the soul or etheric body and the ka is defined as the double or astral body.

Also, today a new Vodou book is available on “Serving the Spirits: The Religion of Haitian Vodou” by Mambo Vye Zo Komande la Menfo. I ordered my copy already. I’ve corresponded a little with the author online, and I like her energy (plus she is a child of Legba, like yours truly). Early in my studies, I ran across her web page Sosyete du Marche and read about how Papa Legba called her to the path. It’s an interesting story. I am hoping to meet her next year.



2 Responses to “More on Rigaud’s book…and a brand new Vodou book!”

  1. WOW! That’s cool! Another child of Papa Legba! I’ll have to get this book as well! An early Xmas present for myself.

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