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Many spiritual people I know (and some I don’t know personally) like to say that there are no accidents. For example, if I randomly pick up a book at a shop and decide to buy it, then I was meant to buy that book and to get something out of it. I am not sure that this is always true, but I have noticed a theme I keep running across lately in my reading materials. I am being told to listen to spirit and intuition.

Recently, a fellow Vodouisant in New Orleans who goes by Shadow commented on one of my posts here, which prompted me to check out his blog, Shadows in the Graveyard. And I have to say, I’ve really really been enjoying it. I went back and read it from the beginning,  and can relate to his closeness with death. That may sound morbid, but it’s not entirely. In Vodou, the Ghede are, at times, the most amusing of the lwa. Also, it was the death of a beloved feline friend that steered me towards the path of Vodou. So death can lead to necessary change and renewal.

While I was reading Shadow’s blog, I was flattered to discover he had added my site to his links (and you can also find his link on my homepage as well), and happy to see we both have links to The Witch of Forest Grove, another excellent blog. I also became curious about Shadow’s wife, and started reading her blog, Swamp Witchery, and quickly got hooked to that as well. I’m not quite finished reading all of her posts yet, but I am up to last October. The author, Snow, is very knowledgeable about magick (both Vodou and Pagan) and herbs and, to top it off, she writes really well. I love all three of these blogs, and the fact that all three authors are not afraid of what some refer to as the left-hand path. (I don’t really think of it that way, and don’t necessarily think the authors do either, but I digress.) One of the reasons Wicca was not comfortable for me was that I am simply not a white lighty kind of guy. While I prefer to be positive and love doing healing work, I am very aware of the darker side of life and acknowledge there are times when darker magick is necessary. Vodou and the multi-faceted lwa were a much better fit for me, as is Sekhmet, who has both healing and destructive aspects to her.

One of Snow’s posts in particular sticks in my mind, Deities: Trust your instinct, in which she talks about trusting your own instincts and relationships with your deities/lwa/spirits regardless if someone else tells you that you’re wrong.

During some recent email correspondence with a friend, the topic of tradition vs personal practices came up more than once, and we both feel the need to find a balance between what is comfortable/workable for us and honoring tradition. While I think it is important to learn traditional ways (especially early in one’s studies), there does come a time when you rely less on book learning and tradition and work directly with the spirits. This is the point I am at now, not just in Vodou but also in my relationship with Sekhmet. While I will continue to read and learn about traditions, it is time to listen directly to deity and intuition. This is particularly true for Sekhmet, as it is proving very difficult to know which sources on Egyptian traditions are accurate.

The trick is, as usual, managing my time. Some major lifestyle changes are needed, which includes the paring down of superfluous interests and their accompanying physical accoutrements (meaning I have too much stuff).



8 Responses to “Messages via blogs and emails”

  1. The Swamp Witch Says:

    Awww, you’re too sweet, Sug! <3!

  2. Great post Cheshire! Yes I believe Its true as well that there are no accidents in life. As the old saying goes: “Everything happens for a reason.”

    • cheshirecatman Says:

      I find it to be true much of the time. Certain themes keep appearing in events or things I read or see, and don’t go away until I acknowledge them.

  3. oh! i found Shadows in the Graveyard and Swamp Witchery through your blog, love them both too.

  4. Thank you so much.

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