Change and unpredictability

So you may have noticed that I changed the subtitle of this blog to include mention of the old gods. For the past several months, I’ve felt strongly compelled to include Sekhmet in my spiritual practices, and I sometimes want to write about her here. Thus, the change was needed to accurately reflect the content.

When I began writing this blog, my intention was to keep my spiritual practices within the realm of Vodou. But we never know where our travels will take us, and since Sekhmet has made her presence known in my life, I think it’s only prudent to acknowledge her. Who am I to ignore a goddess?

I will still continue to document milestones in my Vodou journey as they occur, although I am experiencing a plateau at the moment. But Fet Ghede will soon be upon us again with the coming of Autumn.

I am currently delving into some Murry Hope books. In a few months I hope to read Kenaz Filan’s “Vodou Money Magic” and have time to learn some Haitian Creole. It’s been a busy summer, and at the moment I am struggling to catch up on some art-related obligations.


One Response to “Change and unpredictability”

  1. Angel Night Says:

    Hello Cheshirecatman,
    I can totally understand feeling compelled to include Sekhmet. :p She can be a fierce Goddess. I look forward to your future updates on Sekhmet and the upcoming Fet Ghede.
    Peace and Harmony,

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