Small synchronicities

Some of the synchronicities in my life are subtle, but I still like to acknowledge them.

The friend I wrote about in my last post crossed over sometime between August 11 and August 15. This is about a year and 12 days after her beloved dog crossed over last year. She wrote him a heartfelt eulogy on August 15 of last year. I can almost see them making an agreement: “OK, I’ll cross over first, and you hang back and take care of what you need to do. Then meet me here in a year.” They would not have wanted to be away from each other for long.

The second night after finding out about my friend, I dreamt that my girlfriend Anne and I were living in an apartment in our old building on Eastlake Ave. We were getting ready to go someplace and had to bring the cats inside first (they were out in the hall, lounging contentedly). When I looked down, it wasn’t Snowman and Luna I saw, but Snowman and Puck! It was so nice to see Puck again, even if only briefly. I wonder if my friend knew that I was envying her reunion with her dog, and sent Puck over to say “hi.”

Lastly, I just finished my second John Edward book and was in the used book store yesterday to find something new to read. I ran across a new-condition (sans book cover) copy of “The Way of Cartouche” by Murry Hope. I’d been meaning to buy this book for some time, to go with the Cartouche deck I have. I could not believe my luck. And I’d just been wondering earlier this week what the next step in my spiritual studies should be. And now I have my answer.


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