Lost pendant and synchronicity

The more I open myself up to the idea of synchronicity, the more I am aware of it in my life.

Earlier this week one of my pendants went missing. It’s a simple tiger’s eye stone with a metal loop embedded in it. Attached to the embedded loop is a small, secure keychain-type loop. To the keychain loop was attached a strong cord, knotted on one end.

Prior to using this strong cord, I had the pendant on a soft leather cord with a clasp. A couple of months ago the cord finally wore through, which is not uncommon with that type of leather cord. After that I switched to using an adjustable black cord, which came undone several times over the past month. I would lean over and see the pendant on the ground at my feet. One time someone found it at work and returned it to me. At that point I switched to the simple non-adjustable knotted cord.

This is not any old pendant. It houses a servitor that was created by someone I know. A servitor is an entity/energy golem/thought form that has been created by someone and programmed with certain abilities and purposes. I purchased this one a few years ago as protection against psychic attacks and energy siphoning. The servitor  has a name and takes the form of a large feline, but I won’t describe him more than that so as not to forewarn or forearm anyone who may wish me harm. But he has served me well, although in the past few months it’s felt like he was trying to get away from me.

I wasn’t happy when the pendant went missing this week. What was odd is that when I removed the leather cord, it was not torn or unknotted. It was intact. Only the pendant was missing.

Normally I am very bothered when I lose things, but this week I’ve just felt calm about it. As fond as I am of the pendant and its resident spirit, I’ve recently gained more confidence in my own shielding abilities and the various resources, friends and spirits available for help. I could not help but wonder if losing the pendant was an indication that I no longer needed to rely on the servitor.

Adding to the synchronicity, just last night I was at Gargoyles Statuary and the owner, a good friend of mine, pulls out a beautiful Sekhmet pendant that she found for me.  It is real silver and surprisingly affordable. How could I say no? I had the feeling that one cat was stepping into the background while the goddess was exerting her influence in the foreground.

Today I accepted the loss of the servitor calmly, and was in the process of stripping the bed to wash my sheets when, low and behold, there was the pendant. I was glad to find it but didn’t feel particularly relieved. I still welcome the added protection of its resident spirit, but I think he will not have to work so hard from here on out.


2 Responses to “Lost pendant and synchronicity”

  1. I have been seriously considering getting my own servitor since my own shielding abilities are lacking, but I simply don’t have the funds to get one. I like the idea of getting a turtle servitor but I wonder what sort of protection it could endow.
    I love turtles. :3

  2. cheshirecatman Says:

    I suspect you know where I bought the servitor from, so when you have the funds you could email them and ask. In the meantime, though, you could work on improving your shielding skills. I doubt your abilities are as lacking as you think they are; it’s just a matter of exercising that muscle and finding a system that works for you.

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