Another view on “Avatar”

Scholar Anthony Browder makes some very positive comments on James Cameron’s film and how Cameron based the Omaticayan culture on the cultures of Africans, Native Americans and other indigenous people.

Anthony Browder on Avatar

While I do not disagree with what Mr. Browder says (and I do believe that Cameron had good intentions), I still have issues with the film. Cameron’s homage to indigenous cultures would be all nifty and good IF it weren’t for the human character adopting the native culture and then becoming their savior, as well as conquering the resident princess. (See my previous post “Thoughts on Avatar and colonialism.”)

And in conclusion, I am feeling flippant, so here is another amusing Avatar commentary, “Avatar & Aliens are the same goddamned movie.”



One Response to “Another view on “Avatar””

  1. Nahhh. Avatar is Ferngully in Space. ;p

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