Legba for writers

For the past three weeks I’ve been putting off starting a short story for an online class. It’s due this week. I wasn’t sure what the problem was—I had a well-defined main character in mind, based on someone I used to work with. I had a good original story concept and some idea of where I wanted the story to go. What I didn’t have were clearly defined scenes and conversations or a strong ending.

Yesterday was Monday, Papa Legba’s day. I lit a candle on his altar and gave him some hot freshly brewed coffee, Then I did a meditation exercise with him, followed by a request. I asked him to help me flesh out my story. Legba is, among other things, the lwa of communications, and he loves languages. And books. I’d been reading a conversation on the Spellmaker.com Facebook page, and many people give Legba books as offerings. I’d never thought of doing that, but it does make sense why he would be with me. My home is crammed with books.

After working with Legba, I went to bed, and had busy dreams with vague “Wizard of Oz” themes. I should have written notes when I woke up at 3 a.m., but at 3 a.m. all I wanted to do was use the bathroom and go back to sleep. I am left with dim memories of wandering around some abandoned warehouse with my girlfriend, searching for a vehicle.

I woke up a couple of hours later to get ready for work. Then my usual bus ride, while reading a couple of short stories.

I exited at my usual stop, and then started my 10-minute walk from there to my workplace. And then, eureka.

Inspiration, in a rich flowing stream. Not only did a strong ending come to me, but two other characters who were not in my original story plan. And snippets of dialog.

When I got to work, I sat down with a cup of coffee and some scrap paper and furiously jotted down notes. I am ready to write it out after work.

I will be going downtown on Thursday and plan to pick up a bottle of Barbancourt Rum, all for Legba. I’ve been meaning to anyway, but this time he outdid himself.



One Response to “Legba for writers”

  1. Hi CheshireCat! Remember Legba likes to play, I have a collection of coloring books and crayons I use with him. He loves Crayola sets and nursery rhyme books!

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