A couple of footnotes to the Rada fet and past life recall posts

In my write-up on the Rada fet, I forgot to mention that I witnessed my first Agwe or La Sirene possession. I am not sure which one it was (I will have to ask Mambo C next time I talk to her). It was shortly after I stopped dancing, when the mambo came over to check on me. The Azaka segment had ended, and the Agwe segment was starting. She told me I had to dance; it was Agwe, after all, one of the main lwa who walks with me.

I did return to the dance after a few minutes and sometime during that segment Mambo C became possessed. I didn’t notice it at first because it wasn’t extremely dramatic, but I saw Houngan D and a few others huddled around her handing her bottle after bottle of water, which she was gulping down like she’d been wandering in the desert for a week. So I have to assume one of the water lwa was in her head.

About the past life recall exercise I did with Shannon: the Saturday following that session, I had an odd dream. I won’t go into extreme detail here, because some of it is pretty personal, but the imagery was interesting because it was characters out of a sci fi film. Usually when I dream about sci fi characters, the dream is fun and adventurous. This one was calm and, in the end, rather sad.

The gist of it was that I was talking to a queen figure on a spaceship, showing her proper respect by getting down on my knee and kissing her hand. I did not mind doing this, in fact I felt great love and respect for her. I told her that I was honored to be there, and that I could not wait for the day when I could take up permanent residence there. She told me kindly that I could, but not now, I had to go back to earth and finish some project or mission.

I was disappointed, as I felt this was my real home and that I had lived there before. It was a life that I wanted to return to. She gently explained that I had died in that life, and I came to the realization that I could not return there until after my earthly death.

That was what was weird about the dream. It wasn’t “fun” at all, but seemed to mean something deeper.

Afterwards the hatch of the ship opened, and I walked out onto a beautiful white beach with the clear turquoise water that is often present in dreams of spiritual significance. In the distance, I could see a dark-haired woman who I knew in that life, but when I tried to interact with her, she completely ignored me, as if she wasn’t even aware of my presence.

I’ve given this dream some thought and think that I may have actually been on the other side briefly, speaking with a spirit guide. The message might be that I need to stop living in the past and focus on the now, so that I can do what I need to do and then go home. And I so want to go home.


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