Past Lives

Last weekend Shannon Knight guided me through a past-life exercise, which was interesting.

I’ve explored past lives before, once at a psychic fair (and I don’t remember the psychic’s name) and via self-hypnosis tapes. I always keep notes of the results, in case anything arises later to confirm any of them.

At the psychic fair (this would have been late 1980s), the two lives described by the woman that I remember right now without digging up old journals are:

  • A young boy in a marketplace, probably in the Middle East, lost and looking for his mother.
  • A woman walking along a river, somewhere in Europe, possibly the 1800s. She is isolated, possibly avoiding the city due to plague.

The most memorable vision I had using the self-hypnosis tape was seeing a clearing in a rain forest. There were several one-story round huts there with thatched roofs. I did not see any people, and it was not clear if it was my village or I was just watching the village.

Last Sunday, after running me through the chakra clearing exercises, Shannon guided me into a light trance and we began looking into past lives. At first I had trouble, as my skeptical mind teamed up with my performance-anxiety mind to try to stymie my efforts. Shannon has a gift for soothing busy minds though, and through distracting my brain with gentle questions, my problems quickly dissolved and we were underway. The lives are listed below in the order I viewed them, not chronologically.

Life 1, Medieval Europe: I am a youngish man with medium-length brown hair, no beard, wearing a tunic, riding through a forest clearing looking at a tent encampment. I’m calm. I have an old injury on my right leg (no pain), a long gash along the outer calf. (Note: I had just finished watching the entire Narnia series the night before, so of course my rational brain says that’s where this image came from. Shannon pointed out that we are often attracted to certain movies or books for a reason. At least I didn’t look like any of the Narnia characters, so that’s something. Just thought I’d note this for the sake of full disclosure.) Shannon asked me what gifts I received from this life? Possibly an appreciation of nature.

Life 2, old Asia: I am a soldier (possibly Mongolian), with long black hair pulled back in a ponytail, wearing armor and carrying a bow and arrows. I am antsy, ready for battle, but I also enjoy battle. I’ve had injuries to the knee and solar plexus. This is one of those visions that I didn’t expect. In present time, part of me still enjoys brutal sparring, but of the verbal variety.

Life 3, Victorian England: I am a woman standing alone in a fancy foyer with a nice cherrywood table and a stairway with a cherrywood banister. There is a framed oval mirror or painting above the table. I am wearing a nice lavender high-collared long-sleeved dress, the sleeves are puffed at the shoulder (I do love the look of that period). I am social by nature, but alone, contemplative, waiting. Waiting for someone named “Jeffrey” possibly. Is my name “Amanda”? (Note: I am wondering if this is during the plague era and is the same lifetime that the reader at the psychic fair saw.) What did I get from this life? Possibly my severe hatred of waiting for people.

Life 4, unknown rainforest: I am a leopard or jaguar lazing on a tree branch, staring. (No big surprise here.) Shannon asked me what I am thinking about. What else? Food. Notably zebras, so likely this was Africa, but possibly an older Africa with more foliage and less desert and savannah.

Life 5, England: I am a man alone in a dingy basement. There is a short stairway leading upstairs or to an exit. I am dressed sort of Victorian, with waistcoat, mustache, sideburns and round glasses. My clothes, like the apartment, are shabby.  I keep glancing at an official document on a nearby table that seems important to me. I have lots of books. As I look around more, I realize there is bombing outside (the London Blitz?). The single bulb in the room flickers and goes out. Looking out the window at the bombarded city, I feel a combination of fascination and fear, but what I am really worried about is the bombs interfering with my vacation (this part made me laugh). I saw leopard eyes here again–perhaps I was planning a non-hunting safari to Africa? Now I can see him  laughing at himself too.

This was a fun and interesting exercise and I plan to explore this more on my own once I am feeling a bit better. I’ve been under the weather for a couple of weeks due to some difficult diet changes and problems with my teeth, but am on the mend and looking forward to tomorrow’s session with Shannon.


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