A conversation with an old friend

Today I called an old friend who I haven’t talked to in well over a year, possibly two. I’ve meant to call her many times, but then got busy in the evenings or remembered when I was at work or in bed.

I first met “Kim” back in the 80’s when we both worked at a photo processing lab. We were both new to Seattle and became friends, even though in many ways we were very different. I was quiet and often depressed back then, while she was social and lively. In spite of our differences, we began hanging out together outside of work and subsequently discovered we had a number of things in common, including an interest in art and spirituality.

This nagging feeling that I needed to call her wouldn’t let up, plus I thought it would be nice to surprise her close to her birthday. She was kind of surprised, I think, but not as much as I thought she would be. Apparently we are very connected, as she’d been thinking about calling me for the past three months.

Anyway, the reason this reunion is even mentioned here is that she reminded me of something that happened shortly after Puck crossed over that I’d clean forgotten about.

Kim knew how much I loved my cat Puck. So, after he crossed over, she asked her medium friend about him. Through the medium, Puck told her that he’d decided to cross over in order to create an opportunity for me, something that I would seek to fill the void caused by his passing.

Today, in our conversation, I finally realized what he was talking about, thanks to Kim. After Puck’s passing, the one thing I wanted most in the world was to be able to communicate with the dead. This led to my immersion in Vodou, a religion with central tenets of ancestor reverence. So the void was filled with Vodou, and I feel spiritually fuller than I ever have before in this life.

Thank you Puck.


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