More thoughts on lions and Legba

I’ve really been enjoying Linda Tucker’s book, Mystery of the White Lions. In the book, the author spends time with Credo Mutwa, Africa’s great lion priest and keeper of an oral history that stretches back centuries. Their conversations are fascinating.

For instance, on page 67 the mention of Darwinism sparks a conversation about advanced ancient civilizations in Africa that may have been similar to Atlantis. And on page 84 is an account of what appears to be an encounter between ancient Africans and a spacecraft. This was not what I expected to find in this book. Having had an interest in UFOs since childhood, I read the pages with delight.

As you may  have noticed from my other posts, I have a bit of an attitude about some topics that fall under the label of “New Age,” particularly if said topics are too fluffy/feel-goody or indulge in appropriation of indigenous cultures. However, reading Tucker’s book got me thinking about all the types of books you find bunched in the New Age section of bookstores, and how they relate to each other. Spirituality, magick, ancient civilizations, extraterrestrials, shamanism. I still love all of these topics, I just don’t like it when information is written about them that is poorly researched or too slanted toward a mainstream audience who wants to dabble in various practices without doing the research and often hard work involved in developing such skills.

I was chatting online with my friend Angel yesterday. Our brains are often in sync (she jokes that we share the same brain) and we frequently type nearly identical responses during our conversations. And recent events further suggest that our souls do indeed vibrate on a similar frequency.

Yesterday she told me that I helped her reconnect with Sekhmet. After Sekhmet’s appearance to me, Angel was thinking about her and remembering a book she had on Sekhmet that she hadn’t seen in years. And then, yesterday at work, a co-worker returned the book to her out of the blue. I find that very interesting, and also very validating. Now I am less likely to doubt that Sekhmet’s appearance was real, or the reality of the connection that Angel and I have to each other (not of the romantic sort, mind you, but on a deeper soul-level). She is now my sister in Sekhmet. You can read a more detailed account of her experience here.

This incident also made me reflect on what it means to be a child of Legba. In addition to the skills I have relating to communication (written and visual), I seem to have a knack for making connections and removing obstacles for others, sometimes with little to no obvious benefit for myself. I’ve introduced artists to other artists who then go on to help each other (but not me, unfortunately) to get gallery shows. I’ve also, during my few years in Vodou, brought a number of people to our fets; some of them are becoming regulars. And now I feel that Sekhmet’s contact with me was also meant to be a reconnect for Angel.

Again, Puck was right about life speeding up. Mambo C is thinking about having a lave tet ceremony here. I’ve been hoping for that for a couple of years, and thought I’d have to travel out-of-town for one. So this is a very exciting development.


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