Lions and teachers

After Sekhmet’s unexpected appearance during my chakra clearing, I decided to read Linda Tucker’s book, Mystery of the White Lions. It’s a true account of the author’s near death experience with lions in Africa, her rescue by an African medicine woman known as the “Lion Queen,” and how this experience changed her life and inspired her to found the Global White Lion Protection Trust.

I am not very far into the book yet, but so far am really enjoying it. Mixed in with the narrative are bits of African magick and folklore, and I feel transported to Africa. I haven’t felt this way since reading Sharon Caulder’s Mark of Voodoo, way back when I started this journey. I may comment here on the book from time to time, but don’t hold your breath, mainly because I have a lot of other reading to do for an online class and will have to divide my limited reading time between various books.

My new mentor has graciously given me permission to use her real name here, as well as add her link to my homepage. This makes me very happy because I know others can benefit from working with her. Between her and my friend Angel, I feel that I’m in the process of a spiritual rebirth/reboot, and it’s a wonderful and wondrous feeling.

Okay, so enough mystery. Her name is Shannon Knight (formerly Shannon Lee Faulkes, the name you’ll see on her website). She will have a new site soon, and I’ll update the link when it’s online. I am taking her Intuitive Boot Camp workshop, which you can read about on her site.

Shannon hosts an online radio show and that is where I first encountered her. My animal communicator/medium friend Tracy Ann was her guest, and I got to listen to interesting stories, questions from callers, and funny anecdotes, and Shannon’s warmth and humor was evident throughout. I took an immediate liking to her.

From there I friended her on Facebook, and knew I had to sign up when I heard about the Intuitive Boot Camp. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve long felt a big block of some sort clogging up my psychic airwaves and, thanks to Shannon and Angel (both angels in my book–allow me my momentary sappiness), I feel like I am finally making major progress along my path. Various spirits have been telling me this would happen for a while, and to finally have that promise coming to fruition makes me happier than I’ve been in a long time.


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