Working with a new mentor

This morning was the first time I worked with a new mentor (whom I will refer to as “K” for now) and I have to say….wow.

I love the internet, telephones and skilled energy workers. I first contacted K via the internet, she worked with me via the telephone and, like my friends Angel and Tracy Ann, is skilled at what she does so the fact that we live far away from each other seems to make no difference. All of them are able to connect with my energy and my guides.

When we first began connecting energetically, she mentioned that her hands and feet were buzzing, which she feels when connecting with those involved in healing work. This made sense because I have done some Zimbate work (although not as much as I should be doing) through my animal communicator/medium friend Tracy Ann and also received an attunement and training from Tracy’s teacher (see Zimbate link at the right side of my home page, if interested).

K proceeded to teach me how to ground myself and then clear my chakras. She sensed that I was very connected to the earth (she saw crystals and rocks, and had the impression of planting my feet in the earth) and sensed a Native American energy. I then told her that I am half Inuit. During this process, she also picked up on the fact that I am a writer (both by hobby and, at one time, professionally) and teacher (never in an academic setting, but I am very good at training people on the job).

I was particularly impressed at one point during the chakra clearing. K had told me early in the session to let her know if I felt any physical discomfort. While clearing either the third eye or the crown chakra, I started to feel slight discomfort/pain in the stomach area. Before I could even say anything, K said she was picking up something in my lower chakras.

Throughout the session I started to feel a bit giddy and happy. Afterwards, when I went downstairs to get some coffee, I realized that the sensation I felt was very similar to the way I felt years ago when I had a particularly good meditation. During that meditation, I had visualized boxes within my body aligning themselves, and I must have aligned my chakras without even knowing it. I look forward to practicing this alignment more so that I can feel this way on a regular basis.

I am so looking forward to working with K. more. After the phone session ended, I thanked Legba for clear communication and placed some coffee in his shrine.


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