Footnote to previous post: Sekhmet

In the excitement of writing my previous post, I somehow forgot to mention one important detail.

During the meditation, I was visualizing gold light (which K described as “sunshine gold”). Images of Sekhmet kept popping into my mind. She is associated with the sun, according to some sources.

The rational side of my brain says that this is because I recently bought a beautiful print of Sekhmet at an art show, and was reading about her to create an informational tag for a sculpture I made of her. However, I had no plans to start up any Pagan practices again and want to just focus on Vodou.

But I think it unwise to ignore intuition.

So…. now I have to figure out where to put this shrine, and how to go about serving Sekhmet (back in my lazy Wiccan days, I focused on Bastet and Anubis, although not very seriously). I also recently bought a copy of Linda Tucker’s Mystery of the White Lions, not so much because I intended to but more because I was trying to fill up choices for a book club offer and it was one of the books that was of some interest to me. Synchronicity? Maybe.

Shrines are taking over my house. One of the challenges of working with the spirits, I suppose. Fortunately, I already have the print and a small statue of her to place there, so that’s a start.


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