Mentors and teachers

I recently had a falling out with someone who I considered a teacher. It was an ugly falling out over something very petty, which was unfortunate. I am pleased, however, that during those same few days I connected with someone who is going to be a new spiritual teacher/mentor. One door closes, another opens.

This got me to thinking about what qualities I look for in a mentor or teacher. I thought about several people: Mambo C, my realtor (who was my teacher when we searched for our home), our handyman (my teacher for home maintenance and repairs), my animal communicator friend Tracy Ann, my medium friend Angel (there’s a link to her blog Walking by the Light of the Moon on the home page of this site) and this new spiritual teacher who I connected with through Tracy. All six of them have similar energies or vibrations about them. None of them are arrogant, even though all of them have skills and talents that I admire.

What do these six individuals have in common? All of them are open-minded, patient and possess a great sense of humor, especially about themselves. They are intelligent, well-rounded, and slow to anger. No question is too stupid for them, therefore I feel comfortable admitting my ignorance on a given topic, which opens the way for learning. Very important qualities in a teacher.

The person who I had the falling out with had none of these qualities. I figured that out early on, so wasn’t terribly surprised by what happened, as this person’s energies were not  on the same vibrational wavelength as the other people I mentioned. Not even close. Knowledge alone does not a teacher make—the ability to connect with people and communicate that knowledge is of equal importance. These are also important things to consider when seeking a house for kanzo (initiation).

When I communicate or spend time with the other six people, something inside me is lifted to a higher level. They encourage me to be a better person.

I feel blessed to have them in my life.


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