Names and a memory of a dream?

I was enjoying a bath earlier today. As I relaxed in the hot, soothing water, my mind drifted into very light sleep, or what is sometimes referred to as the “twilight” state between real sleep and deep relaxation. And I had what seemed to be memories.

I was thinking of someone named “Rosie,” a dark-haired middle-aged woman. I seemed to know her, and with her came a memory of being with a few friends at a house.

A small group of us are standing in the driveway of a small white house. It’s nighttime. In the yard there is a small foundation laid out, as though a garage or storage shed is being built.

Then I came fully awake and became confused. I don’t have any friend named Rosie, nor do I remember ever knowing anyone with that name who resembled the woman I saw. And I could not figure out if the house is a place I visited in real life or if I visited it in a dream.

I am recording this here, as this blog functions as my diary for Vodou and other spiritual events, and I hope to understand this later.


2 Responses to “Names and a memory of a dream?”

  1. I would love to think that it was an image of a past life. Not that it’s generally that easy to regress but the confusion over the reality of the place as well as the feeling of having known the people lends itself to the idea. Plus all the work you do with the Lwa and did do around this time with trying to be possessed could have had a jarring effect on your psyche. Not to imply that the results are negative! Merely that, trying to get possessed and nearly succeeding often enough may well have allowed you to regress. At least, that makes sense to me.

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