Fet update

Due to several reasons, including transportation issues and me being behind on producing work for two art shows in April, I will not be attending tonight’s fet. However, there are plans for another one next month, and I hope to attend that.

In the meantime, here is a photo of a beautiful leopard figurine I found on eBay that I plan to use for an Agassou shrine, which I will set up once I find the right materials.


2 Responses to “Fet update”

  1. Mirimon Says:

    Can you help me? I’m Agassou’s Pitit, but i haven’t found nothing about him. If you can tell me some informations about him, I will thank you very much.

    • cheshirecatman Says:

      Hi Mirimon, thanks for checking out my blog. Regarding Agassou: I haven’t found much documentation on him either, and I eventually decided not to set up a shrine for him (he is part of Agwe’s escort, but I have not had any direct connection with him).

      In her book “Haitian Vodou,” Mambo Chita Tann describes him as “the son of a Dahomeyan king by a forest spirit or the spirit of a panther or leopard….a special ancestral spirit of the Fon-speaking peoples…When he does appear in a lineage…Agassou comes in possession as a powerful warrior.”

      I suspect you’ve already seen this info, and I’m sorry I don’t have more that you can’t easily find on a Google search. As you work with him, he will likely show you how he wants to be served.

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