Dreams of friends and creativity

I woke up very early today (around 5am) which would be normal for a weekday but, since it is Saturday, I went back to sleep and had some vivid dreams.

I dreamt I had a houseguest, a magickally oriented online friend whom I have not actually  met in person. He didn’t do much in the dream other than being my houseguest, but I remember waking up (in the dream) and being appalled that I forgot to make up a bed for him as I found him snoring away in a chair.

It turns out that we were not staying at my place (even though the room I was in looked very similar to my real bedroom) but instead we were at Anne’s late father’s house, although it was a house he’d never owned in real life. Anne’s father looked very different from the last time I’d seen him. His short gray hair and full mustache was replaced by long frizzy red hair and a matching beard. Except for the fact that he was still bald on top, he looked very much like a younger version of  himself. I commented to him that he looked very healthy and happy, which he did in contrast to the last several years of his life when he became increasingly immobile and had trouble breathing. He told me he was in the process of rediscovering painting (he’d dabbled in art during his youth and showed some promise) and photography.  (Note: I realized after waking up that I had been sorting photos on my computer last night and ran across a younger picture of him, which is likely why  he showed up in the dream).

Later in the dream I am sorting through the drawers of a large, old-fashioned desk that is in my bedroom (just in the dream, not in real life). I am searching for a bag of cat food and making a big mess during the process. There are papers, office supplies and miscellaneous crap all over the floor. A monitor on one side of the desk starts playing a YouTube video of  a friend of mine in Hawaii. My friend is an attractive multiethnic woman who is several years older than me. In the video she looks the same as the last time I saw her (around 7 or 8 years ago when I visited Hawaii) except that her hair has gone white. In the video she starts out by saying that she really likes her new red jacket, and then goes on to talk about how she is hanging out with a group of sculptors and really wants to refine her skills. This part of the dream I think is a reminder to call her, which I’ve been meaning to do for well over a year. Sounds terrible, I know, but I loathe talking on the telephone and much prefer email, which is opposite from her.

I think I would categorize most of this dream as recycled mental junk, although the creativity theme is important as I am still having problems focusing on art as much as I need to, and deadlines are looming.


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