Faith healing and speaking in tongues

There was a time, not too long ago, when I viewed speaking in tongues and faith healing with a great deal of skepticism. I still am initially skeptical about most types of paranormal and unusual phenomena, which I think is healthy, but these days I am much more open to drawing conclusions that may or may not match up to my previous beliefs.

Last Tuesday I watched the premiere episode of “Our America,” a one-hour documentary hosted by journalist Lisa Ling on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). My main reason for watching the show was not because I was interested in faith healing so much as I was curious about the feel of the show as I knew I would be watching some of the later episodes. My plan was to watch the show while messing around on the computer and doing other things.

But from the first five minutes, I was glued to the television. Ms. Ling approached her subject and the people she interviewed with an open mind and a great deal of compassion. You felt for the people who came to the 3-day revival event hoping to be healed. Their faith was moving and of such a depth that is possibly beyond what I am capable of feeling.

During the revival, people fell to the floor convulsing, laughing, speaking in tongues. What struck me most about all of this was that it seemed very familiar to me. It was not so different from watching possessions at a fet.

During the fets I have attended, I’ve seen people fall to the floor, convulse, behave strangely and speak in voices other than their own.  The more I learn about different religions, the more commonalities I see. The differences become more superficial. Perhaps the various rituals we perform, the beings and deities we call upon, and the various belief systems we construct are simply various avenues to connect with the divine.

I am not saying that all deities are the same deity. I don’t necessarily think so. But all of these deities inhabit a realm that is accessible through these various rituals. And the goals of the people striving to touch this realm are very similar–we want peace, healing, communion and vindication of our faith.

Sometimes healing doesn’t work; it didn’t work for everyone in the show. But in my opinion, that does not necessarily make the healer a fake. I don’t know if there is any healer anywhere who has a success rate of 100 percent. I seriously doubt it.

On the subject of healing, I had a minor scare recently with my younger cat, Luna, who was having trouble defecating. Being the overly protective sort that I am with my cats, of course I thought the worst. She’s mostly recovered now, but I think that was my reminder to return to my energy and healing studies, which I had a renewed interest in during Puck’s illness. Luna’s problem reminded me how I felt when Puck was ill, and my knowledge and abilities were not enough to significantly help him. I don’t want to be in that situation again as Luna gets older.

As if in agreement, Puck appeared in my dream last night. He was outside with Anne and I as we were waiting for a bus and, even though I realized I might miss the bus, I took the time to take him back inside where he would be safe. When I came back outside, Anne was still there and the bus had not yet arrived. Puck is telling me to “not miss the bus by waiting too long to do what I need to do.” I am thinking of rereading Barbara Ann Brennan’s “Hand of Light” and then following that up with a review of Zimbate, Reiki and my holistic cat care books.

Always so much to learn, but it means that boredom is rarely a problem for me.


3 Responses to “Faith healing and speaking in tongues”

  1. I remember watching Oprah’s episode on Faith healing, and they talked about John Of God down in South America. Oprah was like, “woo woo.” LOL! She didn’t believe it herself. But I do believe in faith healing epsecially with the power of the lwa at hand. I wondered why she had not gone to see the grotto in Lourdes, France where many people have been healed and miracles have happened.

  2. cheshirecatman Says:

    I believe in it too–although there are fraudulent cases and instances where results may be psychosomatic, there are also many unexplainable cases, too many to dismiss the phenomena lightly.

  3. Yes, there’s always charlatans running around.
    They have a neat feature on the Lourdes homepage where you can email a petition to be placed at the Grotto in Lourdes.

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