Whoa! Kreyol at Barnes and Noble!


Haitian Kreyol study aids


About a year or so ago I was searching all over the web trying to find books and CDs to help me learn some Haitian Kreyol. All I managed to find was a few downloads. I’ve often wished that the Rosetta Stone series included a Kreyol set. I need to hear a language as well as see its written form, as phonetic pronunciation (in my opinion) is no substitute for actually hearing the words.

Yesterday after work I had some time to kill between buses and wandered into the nearby Barnes and Noble to look at nutrition and science fiction books. In the center of the aisles they had a table full of foreign language books–French, German, Italian, etc. I wondered what they had in their regular language section. I decided to check for the hell of it.

I nearly fell over in shock when I saw that there were two CD sets and a phrasebook on Haitian Kreyol! I’ve never seen anything on Kreyol in a store before. I  got overly excited, whipped out the credit card, and bought all three of them, leaving the Haitian Kreyol section, well, empty.

The two CD sets (Basic and Conversational) are published by Simon and Shuster and are not too pricey at $17.96 and $42.70 respectively. The phrase book was only about $10. It looks like the Barnes and Noble website has a comprehensive CD set too, but at over $300 that one will have to go on the backburner for me.

Each CD set comes packaged in a sturdy and handsome nylon zipped case for easy transport. I’m excited to get started!


2 Responses to “Whoa! Kreyol at Barnes and Noble!”

  1. I’ll have to get this for myself! I only know a few Kreyol phrases and I’d like to speak it fluently! I know some Russian, Italian, and French for now. I’m glad Legba still understands me when I speak! lol

  2. cheshirecatman Says:

    I found out that the Conversational set includes the first 10 lessons from the Basic set, so if you can afford it the Conversational set would be the one to buy. The purchase of either set allows you to receive a discount on the Comprehensive set if you decide to buy that later. Just be sure to save the box.

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