Silly dreams

I honored Ogoun again yesterday and did not experience any bouts of unusual aggression. In the wee hours of yesterday morning, however, I did have an amusing dream.

I have a red V-necked T-shirt that I bought from Old Navy for the Petwo fet last year. I usually wear this shirt on days that I honor Ogoun. In the dream, I was in some fancy highrise office building downtown, and some business-suited guy was asking me to leave because I had on that red shirt.

I don’t know what the dream means, but thought it was funny when I woke up. Perhaps it reflects  some recent experiences I’ve had on internet forums, and how we are treated when we express a truthful but unpopular opinion. The proper censoring people appear and want us to go away.

I had another funny dream last weekend. In real life, I’ve been watching the reimagined television series “V.” In the dream, Anna (the alien leader) has made me responsible for watching over several of her eggs (yes, the aliens, reptilians in human guise, lay eggs). She leaves me alone with the eggs, and I notice that one of them is badly cracked. I grow worried, realizing that if the egg dies, she is likely to kill me.

Fortunately, when I examine the egg more closely I see that there is a membrane underneath the shell that is still intact, protecting the hatchling.

Then the eggs begin to hatch, but reptilian babies do not emerge. What emerges are….long-haired guinea pigs!

Then begins the new stressful task of trying to document each one by the order in which they hatched and the color of their fur. As I am trying to write all this down, some of them run off.

If actual reptiles had come out of the eggs, I might have thought this dream was about Damballah or Simbi. Instead, I don’t know what to think. Perhaps it’s suggesting that interesting and unexpected things can appear from unplanned or seemingly disastrous events.

Or maybe there are guineau pigs in my future (quick, grab the crystal ball)!


2 Responses to “Silly dreams”

  1. Sounds like kids in your future! LOL Or maybe the birth of something new. I have vivid dreams myself, nightmares too. I love Ogoun, he makes me feel so powerful and stronger when he’s around. Like he ‘s pumping you up!

  2. cheshirecatman Says:

    No plans for children, but there’s always the possibility of something new. He really can provide a lot of strength.

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