Emotions from the unseen world

Today I was thinking about my late cat Puck, missing him, even replaying scenes from his last days over in my mind. I have been missing him a little less lately and been able to reminisce about him without sorrow, but today the sadness hit me with a wallop. It was then that I checked some old emails and realized that today is the 3rd anniversary of his death. It wasn’t a date that I had mentally memorized, but apparently some other part of me knew.

I used to get depressed every year around the anniversary of my mother’s death, but the timing of the sadness was never as precise as this.

In other news, earlier this week I experimented with honoring Ogoun on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. This happened because, in an online discussion, someone mentioned that Ogoun Feray’s day was Tuesday, and my friend Slinky was considering honoring him on Tuesday instead of Wednesday.

I find conflicting information in my various books about which days belong to which lwa. One book says Wednesday, another says Tuesday, so I thought I’d d try Tuesday this week and see what happened.

At work on Tuesday I was surfing the internet and reading some online forums. On one of the forums were a couple of really stupid topics that I decided to comment on. While writing one response, I became shaky as I occasionally do when I am either overly caffeinated or enraged. I only had one cup of coffee that morning, as usual, and maybe two sips of a can of Coke. Hardly enough to provoke that reaction.

On an emotional level, I did not feel particularly furious. The forum topics were mildly irritating, but it wasn’t as though anyone was attacking me personally. Still, though, my body felt enraged. It’s an odd sensation when your body and mind do not seem to match up. The last time I’d felt anything similar to this was last summer, when I was at a local sci fi convention and someone offhandedly challenged me to a bidding war on a piece of art. In that instance, though, I think the adrenaline kicked in due to the excitement of the art auction.

I have not previous had any unusual feelings on days  I serve Ogoun. I will honor him next week on Tuesday again and see what happens.


2 Responses to “Emotions from the unseen world”

  1. Angel Night Says:

    I understand the loss of a beloved animal friend. It shows how much you loved Puck and how much he meant in your life..to still feel such a sadness.
    He is never far from you.
    Thank you for sharing your grief. It helps me to know I am not alone in grieving over my four-legged friends. I too, have moments of remembering and sadness. I also, know they had good lives and were very loved. I feel them around me at times and I know they will always be in my life. Just as Puck will always be in yours.

    • cheshirecatman Says:

      Thank you–we were very close. My animal communicator friend has said that our energies were like one energy.

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